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The North Pole is, well, north of you.

And although not technically part of any country, the North Pole’s ice sits atop the Lomonosov Ridge.

Russia, Denmark, and Canada have clams on this ridge and this is causing an avalanche of troublesome problems this holiday season.

As part of Canada’s claim on the ridge, some view Saint Nick as partly Canadian, or at least a major executive in a corporation located within a Canadian claim.

This comes at a time when the blustering international political blizzards are blinding nations in travel concerns and business litigation.

With Canada’s involvement in the arrest and detention of Chinese executive Meng Wanzhou, and now China’s retaliation and arrest of two Canadian executives, the travel of any high-level Canadian executive is in serious jeopardy of being frozen in time.

I don’t think there is a snowball’s chance in hell that Christmas would be delayed,
but Kris Kringle’s Christmas travels will, quite possibly, be impacted by the frostbite between nations.

This all seems a bit catty and childish.  It would appear, that big grownup countries are playing chess with executives as simple pawns.


Why would they put so much effort into one executive?

The answer is clear.

The “Executives” are not pawns.
The executives are the Queens and Kings of an ever-evolving economic world.

Human Life Value!

Endless real-world negotiations on:

  • Trade sanctions,
  • Import tariffs,
  • Climate change,
  • World economy,
  • Riots and revolution,
  • Starvation,
  • Basic human rights…

All come to a halt when two countries start a snowball fight over the Human Life Value of one key executive.

High level, high ranking, influential people understand the fact that ONE human’s life has the power to change the state of fear or wellbeing for the entire globe.

The entirety of “World Economy”, beyond socialism, communism, democracy, free republics, representative republics, rests on one truth:

“…namely, our character and health, our education, training, and experience, our personality and industry, our creative power, and our driving force to realize the economic images of the mind.”  -Solomon Huebner’s definition of human life value.

Nothing has more power than the value of your human life!

Want to end world hunger, war, or economic imbalance?
Start by sharing your vision, your experiences, or educate.

Build on any of the core elements of H.L.V in yourself first and then in those around you.

I promise the results spread worldwide.

This Holiday season there is one gift that shines above all others.
That gift is YOU!

The love, compassion, hard work, and dedication inside of YOU that allows your family and relationships to glow warmly.

There is no physical gift nor possession that can top the value of your life.

I am grateful for you.
You are changing the world, you are a valuable gift.

In Prosperity,
Michael G Isom
CEO of Vault AIS™
Creator of The AIS Triangle™