People hide when they are in scarcity. They hide and they shrink.

They retract. They don’t expand. There is no expansion. Just retraction.
Life becomes unfulfilling. Loss of desire and hope. They stop believing in themselves and others.
They blame others for their problems and issues. They blame others for their life. They are not accountable.

They say things like, ‘it’s not my fault. I can’t help it.’

They are a victim to their circumstances.

Life happens against them, not for them.
Hopelessness, defeat, fear, doubt, and worry consume them.

Scarcity is like the plague. It grows. Spreads.

The government, the media, big financial institutions, big pharma; they all want us to live in scarcity.

What do they all have in common?
What do they want?
What is their agenda?
Why do they all want us to live in fear? Doubt? Worry? SCARCITY?

They all want to control you and I.


Wake up. It’s about money and greed.

Power. They want this power.
When you slow down enough to look, you know this is true.

This is their core agenda.

Keeping you and I in the scarcity mindset allows these institutions to control our mindset. And when they control our mindset, they control our money.

Wake up and look around.

The most in your face example is the news media today.

It’s 98% negative. Doom and gloom. All scarcity. It’s all about control. Controlling your mindset. Causing you to live in fear, doubt, worry, and scarcity.

Their goal is to make you and I dependent on them. As if they know better than you and I do as to what’s best for us and our families.

This is what they want you to believe.


Turn your brain on now more than ever. Educate yourself. Learn. Study. Raise your consciousness and the consciousness of those around you. First and foremost, your own family.

Think legacy. Think longevity. Think and act in abundance. Why not? It’s all right there for you and I.

Did you know that there are more advancements in science today than there ever have been?
Innovations in health.
Early detection of illnesses.
Healthy living.
Mental and physical.
Innovation is at an all-time high and increasing exponentially.
Mental health advancements with PTSD and childhood trauma.

People are living longer.
We are raising our levels of consciousness.
Doing preventative maintenance.
Strengthening our immune system.
Getting healthy mentally and physically; spiritually and financially.

The tie between mental health and physical health is real. I know. The body does indeed keep the score.

At the height of my pit in 2008 and 2009 I lost a lot of weight from stress, anxiety, fear, doubt, and worry.
I would break out in hives all over my body from the mental part of my life.
I was in total scarcity. I was a victim of my circumstances. Little to no accountability.
Life was overwhelming. I had a hard time catching my breath at times. Doing everything I could to not feel. Masking my pain. Hiding. Shrinking.

Total Scarcity. It was miserable. And misery indeed loves company.

I was neglecting my health. I was hopeless. My self-worth was extremely low.

That was until I woke up.

The day Wendy and the kids left me. I wasn’t healthy to be around. I knew it. I don’t blame her.

That was the turning point for me. I’ll never forget committing to God and myself on the bathroom floor as I sat the gun down that I would extract the lessons apply them and share them with as many people as I possibly could.

That was the birth of The AIS Triangle™.
#1 Asset
#1 Investment
#1 Strategy

The foundation of a successful, healthy, and wealthy life.

Abundance is achieved by the actions we take and the choices we make that are in alignment with the values we live by.

Little did I know at the time that the foundation of The AIS Triangle in someone’s life would be exactly what the wealthiest, most successful people in this world live by.

And within it, abundance is not only felt, it’s lived. Realized. It’s lived and enjoyed, and it’s passed on from one generation to another.

Let this be your reality. Abundance vs. Scarcity for you and for your family.

And for it to live on for generations to come. Set the standard now. For you first. Then for your family.

And then cement it in your legacy planning for future generations.

This is a life worth living. This is a wealthy life.
Live wealthy. In Abundance. Be Accountable. Be Self-reliant.

Living a life of depth and fulfillment has The AIS Triangle as the foundation.

This to me is a successful life.
A wealthy life.
A life I’m empowered by.
A life I want to leave as a legacy for future generations.

Waking up daily doing the work I know to do so I can experience abundance. To understand it, feel it, live it, learn from it, and to lead with it. Ensuring that my wife Wendy and I will pass this on to our kids. And now their kids. Our grandkids.

This is a life that brings me deep joy. Fulfillment. Purpose. Passion. Love. Courage. Confidence. Focus. Health. Wealth beyond measure.