There is abundance all around us.

Recently I visited the redwood forest in California.

I saw a 3000-year-old tree that had been badly damaged by a fire.

I looked up from the charred base to behold new growth reaching hundreds of feet up into the sky.

This 3000-year-old tree lives the principle of abundance.

New growth can and will come from any setback.

There is literally no end to abundance;

However, it takes work and determination.

Watch my personal story and how I learned to use life lessons for good.

The more great things you are doing,

The more pushback you are going to feel.

How do you deal with the pushback?

Do you:

  1. Let it hold you down?
  2. Extract the life lesson and apply it to your life?

Here is the formula I use to unlock the abundance inside of ANY setback.

  1. Write down what happened.
  2. Write down why that experience was important.
  3. Write down what lessons can be learned.
  4. Write down how I can apply the lessons to my life moving forward.

Notice I said write it down!

That is key to lasting abundance.

It becomes your guidebook to abundance.

There is an endless amount of abundance in your life, especially when you are clear about AIS and apply it to all areas of your life.

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There is an abundance all around us.

There either is or there isn’t, right? It starts and stops right here. For me, and for each one of you. You either think there’s an abundance of opportunity or whatever else, or you don’t think that there is and both are true.

For who? For the person thinking that. For me, there’s an endless amount of abundance and opportunity out there to be involved with, to partake of, to create with. It’s not just one of those things where you think about it, and then it all happens although that is part of it. It takes work, it takes action.

I recently had the opportunity to travel to Northern California with my wife, Wendy, our two kids Kennedy and Caden and Corbin Wells. Who’s this guy?? He’s our daughter’s boyfriend. He’s a great young man. He’s an entrepreneur. He is up to big things. He just hired his first full-time employee and we have great business discussions together. It’s a lot of fun. It was a great opportunity for me to be around him more on this trip. We drove to Las Vegas. We flew to San Francisco from San Francisco we took a little small plane over to Eureka, California, for those that have been there are familiar with the area, Humboldt County in Northern California. The redwood forest, it’s a national park. Amazing, there are trees there, when my kids watch this or if they do, they’ll laugh because there are trees there that are over 3000 years old. 3000 years old. Can you even fathom how old that is? That are still alive to this day. I have some pictures of some trees that are totally burnt on the outside, burnt from a fire on the outside, yet they have growth, new growth. All coming up out of the tree, just literally hundreds and hundreds of feet up in the air.

There’s an endless amount of abundance. This just rang true to me over and over, but it’s not without a lot of work, at times a lot of sacrifice. There is shit that will come up in our lives. Especially when we’re up to a lot of great things. The more that we’re up to, the more that we’re creating, the more that we’re expanding, the more that we’re growing. The more that we’re creating, expanding and growing in the marketplace and exchanging with others, the more crap that will come up into our lives. But it’s how we deal with it. How we deal with that stuff that comes up in our lives do we view it as something that takes us down and holds us down or are we committed to extracting the lesson and applying it in our life moving forward? It can become a win-win and we can learn from it.

Where are you at in your life financially?

Are you where you want to be?

Are you clear about what you’re doing, what you’re up to and where you’re headed? Have you assessed those key areas of your life financially? Well, good news.

We have an assessment that will assist you with knowing exactly where you’re at, and where you want to go, how you can create more in abundance. Having that abundance in your life and creating is what fulfills me the most, is what can fulfill you the most. I hesitate in saying that because I want you to discover it and take ownership for that yourself. I know and I have clarity in my life, that what fulfills me the most is when I’m focused in every area of my life on creating, expanding and in growing in every area of my life because it’s what fulfills me the most. The win-win is because it’s what creates the most for those around me.

It’s okay to do things out of self-interest, not being selfish. There’s a difference, but out of self-interest, the win-win is that it fulfills me the most, increase the most for those around me. This endless amount of abundance that’s out there, allows me to enjoy more of what is, especially around finance and money in my life. That’s why we created AIS, that’s why I committed after losing millions of dollars to extract the lessons and apply them in my own life and to share them with you, so you never ever have to experience what I experienced to that great depth and degree. Almost lost my life over it, my family over money. Money and the effects of that in our life.

AIS was created for me at first, but for you also to benefit from. #1 Asset is you. Put your oxygen mask on first, before assisting those around you. You’ll be able to assist them to a greater level.

Have you heard me talk about assisting versus helping?

Sometimes we help others but when we help them, we do it for them. I like the word assist because we’re doing it with them. That’s why you hear me differentiating between those words assist and help so much. We put our oxygen mask on first, so we’re fulfill, so we have the strength so we can offer more to those around us. It fulfills us and it fulfills them.

#1 Asset is you, take care of yourself. Invest in yourself, every area of your life and you’ll have more to offer to those around you. #1 Investment has been and will always be what you control and what you have the most knowledge, expertise, purpose and passion in. This clarity and having your money aligned with that clarity in your life will allow you to partake of the endless amount of abundance that is all around all of us. It’s around all of you right now. It’s just that maybe you don’t have that clarity in your life, because you don’t see yourself as the #1 Asset or you’re not clear about your business that you own and operate, or the career that you’re in as being your #1 Investment.

If you’re an employee in an entrepreneur’s organization, what are you doing to invest in yourself? What are you doing to increase your personal stock value? Do you just show up on work and go through the routine of task items? Are you studying? Are you taking courses? After hours or on the weekend? Are you going to your employer and asking them to fund you getting some continuing education? You can be an intrepreneur in an entrepreneurs organization. Your business, your career, the area that you have the most knowledge, expertise, purpose and passion in, the most control in is your #1 Investment. It’s what has put the most amount of money into your pocket and it’s what’s going to continue to put the most amount of money in your pocket.

#1 Strategy, it’s the vault, cash is king. When we’re going to relinquish control of our cash, we want that cash guaranteed, protected, and liquid. We want it guaranteed and protected to protect our mindset, our confidence, our courage to be able to continue to produce at the highest level and enjoy more of what is that endless abundance that’s all around us. What good is money in our life if we’re not enjoying it along the way? Is it a daily reminder? Sometimes it is. Sometimes I have to remind myself on a daily basis. That’s why I commit to waking up each day and gaining clarity and creating the environment around me conducive to the results that I want in my life.

How often? As often as I want that in my life, daily, sometimes several times a day.

It’s not always easy, but guess what? It’s worth it. There is an endless amount of abundance all around us, especially when we’re clear about AIS and applying it and utilizing it in our life.