There is abundance all around us.

Recently I visited the redwood forest in California.

I saw a 3000-year-old tree that had been badly damaged by a fire.

I looked up from the charred base to behold new growth
reaching hundreds of feet up into the sky.

This 3000-year-old tree lives the principle of abundance.

New growth can and will come from any setback.

There is literally no end to abundance;

However, it takes work and determination.

Watch my personal story and how I learned to use life lessons for good.

The more great things you are doing,

The more pushback you are going to feel.

How do you deal with the pushback?

Do you:

  1. Let it hold you down?
  2. Extract the life lesson and apply it to your life?

Here is the formula I use to unlock the abundance inside of
ANY setback.

  1. Write down what happened.
  2. Write down why that experience was important.
  3. Write down what lessons can be learned.
  4. Write down how I can apply the lessons to my life moving forward.

Notice I said write it down!

That is key to lasting abundance.

It becomes your guidebook to abundance.

There is an endless amount of abundance in your life, especially
when you are clear about AIS and apply it to all areas of your life.