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Tony Robbins once told a story about a guy looking to buy an island.

The buyer was very interested in one particular island.

But the real estate agent recommended that he buy a different island. However, the buyer wanted the original island. He wanted it and was going to buy it, and that was that, until

Until the real estate agent made him aware of seismic activity under that island; it was only a matter of time until that island would have volcanic or earthquake activity.

Until the buyer knew about the underlying problems with that island, he wanted it and was going to do what it took to own it. When he learned of its likely future problems, he now wanted to buy the island the real estate agent had recommended.

If you watched the financial news this week, or anytime within the last 60 days, you know the stock market has been under some extreme volatility; perhaps “seismic” activity.

How can a person investing in the stock market possibly plan for their future with this volatility and risk in their life?

Very simply, they can’t.

I remember going through this extreme volatility myself, and with my clients in 2001 & 2002. It was in 2001 that I was first securities licensed; putting my money and my client’s money into the stock market.

  • I didn’t know any better back then.
  • I was 30 years old and getting bad advice from a financial planning mentor, that was getting his advice from the mutual fund managers. And, in turn, I was giving that bad advice to clients, but didn’t know it.

I was a salesman for the mutual fund managers and thought that investing in the stock market was a great way to become wealthy.

I didn’t understand volatility and hidden fees back then.

Heck, we were selling clients on consistent 18% returns, and if it was going to be a bad year, they would at least get a 12% return. In the vocabulary of Yoda, “Crazy, it was!”

So, today, why do I recommend that you avoid the stock market and you put your dollars into whole life insurance?

That question will be answered very thoroughly in the next few months…and then over and over again as I share 3rd party evidence with you as to why.

One of the simple answers is this.

  1. The wealthy have used whole life insurance to thwart “seismic” activity in every kind of economic disaster.
  2. Whole life insurance returns and guarantees don’t depend on the uncertainty of the market.
  3. The wealthy have used whole life insurance because it is based on predictability that gives you consistent growth.

Planning for your future should be based on certainty and predictability, wouldn’t you agree?

Click here to see a recent CNN chart and decide for yourself if you want to plan your future with this type of uncertainty…