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How We Help You

We Use Sophisticated Insurance Strategies to Maximize Your Quality of Life and Architect Generational Wealth

You’ve worked hard to create a level of wealth for yourself. Now you want to maximize that wealth for your own quality of life. You also want to pass on a generational legacy.

But you’re not sure what to do with your money. You’re wary of product-pushers. You don’t want to see your hard-earned wealth get eroded by commissions, hidden fees, and fine print.

That’s where we come in. We help you architect long-term, cash-flowing wealth that you can enjoy yourself today, and use to empower your family for generations.

We Teach You How to Leverage the Living Benefits of Insurance to Create & Maximize Wealth

what would the rockefellers do

One of the primary tools we use to architect your wealth is properly-structured, optimally-funded whole life insurance.

Among our competitive advantages is that we are experts at structuring and funding sophisticated whole life policies for wealthy clients.

In fact, our founder, Michael Isom co-authored one of the most groundbreaking and popular books on the topic, What Would the Rockefellers Do?

Our intention is to maximize the living benefits of the policy for your long-term wealth.

Our clients will assure you that we structure your policy to maximize your benefits, not our commissions.

Term life insurance offers only a death benefit in the event of your death. In contrast, permanent insurance offers not only a death benefit, but also a variety of what we call “living benefits.” These are obviously benefits you can take advantage of while you’re alive.

The living benefits of whole life insurance allow you to unlock the full potential of your wealth in a way that no other tool can.

When structured and funded properly, whole life insurance has three key benefits:

  1. It safeguards your wealth.
  2. It helps you grow your money and increase your cash flow.
  3. It helps you enjoy your money today and tomorrow.

A Savings Alternative with Much More
Safety and Leverage

Simply put, whole life insurance is a permanent policy where you can use the cash value as a savings vehicle and bank alternative that has guarantees plus dividends.

It can create a structure to save on insurance costs from term life, long-term care, or even taxes.

You can save money in a properly-structured, optimally-funded whole life insurance program and coordinate those savings with all of your money-making decisions.

You can use your own money instead of a bank’s money and set up a loan scenario where you are in control of your payback periods and using your cash value to access money from the insurance company.

Your cash values and minimum interest rates are guaranteed. So this removes the risk of capital depreciation when interest rates fluctuate.

This policy is not a replacement for investing. Rather, it is a value and capital capture process to store your money until it is time to invest. It comes with the following benefits:

  • When you die, your trust is funded, income tax-free.
  • If the market goes down, your money is safe.
  • If you are disabled, the premiums can be covered (assuming you have a waiver of premium rider).
  • If you are sued, your money is either partially or fully protected (depending on what state you sign your policy).
  • You will create contingencies for future cash flow by having a permanent death benefit.

Use this method to automatically save and deliberately invest. The money will be available when opportunities arise.

Whole Life Insurance is Used by the Wealthiest Individuals, Families, and Institutions

Here are just a few examples of famous people and businesses who have leveraged the living benefits of whole life insurance:

    Foster Farms

    Foster Farms


    Max and Verda Foster borrowed $1,000 against their life insurance policy to invest in an 80-acre chicken farm. Today Foster Farms’ products are sold all over the world.




    To start his theme park, Disneyland, Walt Disney was unable to secure a large enough bank loan. So he borrowed against the cash value from his life insurance policy to fund it. Today, the Walt Disney Company has annual revenues of nearly $90 billion.




    When Ray Kroc bought out the McDonald brothers, he used cash value from his two life insurance policies to cover the salaries of key employees. He also used the funds to pay for the marketing campaign for his new mascot, Ronald McDonald. The franchise has since grown to over 40,000 stores in 118 countries and counting.

    Pampered Chef

    Pampered Chef


    Doris Christopher used a policy loan of $3,000 to start her new kitchenware company. The company was later purchased by Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway for $1.5 billion.

    John McCain

    John McCain


    Senator McCain secured initial campaign financing for his presidential bid by using his life insurance policy as collateral.

    It Must Be Structured Properly!

    It must be stressed that to work effectively, whole life must be properly structured and optimally funded.

    When you start a whole life policy, there is a capitalization period. This means that for the first years, you will have less cash value than a savings account.

    If you set this up with the wrong companies or design it poorly or don’t fund it properly, it could take a decade or longer to break even.

    A poorly-designed whole life policy will give the agent a fat commission but won’t be the best thing for you.

    We structure and fund your policies to maximize your living benefits, not our commissions. This means giving you recommendations that won’t pay us as much, but are better for you.

    The Foundation of Your Financial House

    The living benefits of whole life insurance cannot be overstated.

    The cash value allows your quick access to loans without credit checks, it provides tax-free money, and it allows for capital preservation without risking principal.

    When structured properly, the death benefit can enable you to pass more money to future generations without incurring estate taxes.

    In times of declining interest rates, insurance companies more slowly decrease the dividend rate, therefore offering higher rates than banks.

    Your cash and death benefit are fully protected from lawsuits and bankruptcy in over 40 states and partially protected in all states.

    Optimally-funded whole life has a comparable return to a bond portfolio, with less risk. But it also has an excellent external rate of return.

    Whole life is just the beginning, a part of the process. In reality, this is about putting your whole financial house in order.

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