Asset: something of perceived value.

Liability: monies owed, debts, obligations.

What is a balance sheet?
A summary of financial balances. It reports a company or individuals assets and liabilities at any specific point in time.

In the world of Assets today we first think of:

  • Real Estate
  • Stocks
  • NFT’s
  • Our Business
  • Cash

 Examples of Liabilities:

  • Mortgage loan
  • Business lines of credit
  • CC’s
  • Auto loan or lease

These are the seen assets and liabilities.

And then there are the unseen assets.

What drives the seen is the unseen.

The unseen?
Yes, the unseen.

If you are a client or have read any of our emails in the past, you are quite familiar with this concept.

I want to make sure this is anchored in deep.

Each one of us have been, or will be in the future, tested to great lengths, financially speaking.

Here is what I have experienced and what I have seen so many others experience in varying degrees:

We start out in our career. Owning and operating our own business.
We are eager.
On fire.
Testing what works and what does not.

These are exciting times for us and should be.

A few years turn into 8-12 years. It really is around the 10 year mark on average that this happens, or close to it.



What do I mean?
What is this whole unseen thing anyway?

It’s our mental capital.
Our HLV. Human Life Value. 

  • That excitement.
  • The eagerness.
  • The learning.
  • The challenge.
  • Our education.
  • Our experiences.
  • Morals.
  • Values.

It’s who we are as a person.

We get bored.
Why is this?

We stop challenging ourselves. And in doing so we lose interest in our core business/career.

We start to chase the shiny object.
Don’t chase the shiny object.
Stay the course.

Pause for just a moment. Think about what got you to a successful point in your life?

Striving towards something worthwhile.
A target or massive goal.

Dan Sullivan taught me to be a lifelong learner. To always make my future bigger than my past.

Why is this?

So we don’t get bored.

Again, it’s usually around the 10-year mark.

When we get bored and chase the shiny object, we put at risk what got us to where we are now.
What we actually had massive success in.

What can we do about it?

Focus on continually increasing the unseen.
Your HLV.

I’m so close to finishing my new book on just this.
So damn excited to get it into each of your hands. I’m editing what I believe will be the final copy this weekend. 

Are you excited about your life?

All areas?

Especially business? Your career?

Is it time to shake things up?

Challenge yourself again in a massive way?

Walk on some fire?

Take on a journey experience?

Travel to a 3rd world country?

Attend a breakthrough experience?

(I’ve done all of the above)

Is it time to visit with me?

Again or for the first time?

Simply respond to this email to get scheduled. Lacey will assist you in doing so.

I’m a firm believer in making my future bigger than my past.

Always increasing my HLV assets.

In doing so I massively increase my property value assets.

Live a life you love.

Love more.
Forgive more.
Challenge yourself.