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Financial Freedom: Money is not the primary reason or excuse to do or not to do something.

Money is still a factor, but it’s not the primary decision factor…

Two stories in this week’s video:

  1. Why wait to start enjoying life?
    1. What are you putting off until retirement? 
    2. What is that costing you?
  2. If you died right now would your family have the time that they would want to make financial decisions?
    1. Decisions about college?
    2. Decisions about the house?
    3. Decisions about your goals?
Watch Spouses & Spending Plans

What are your dreams and goals?

Are your dreams and goals the same for your family?

Even if you are no longer with them?

Do you want your family to be able to thrive economically even if something were to happen to you?

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Set Targets!

Setting targets pull us towards achievement…

They help us gain clarity in all aspects of life.

Ask yourself “What Would It Take?”

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