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Below is a word for word self-talk tool that I use daily to put myself in power. I use this daily to reshape my mindset.

I don’t always wake up with the mindset I know I can have. Below is some self-talk that I had this morning.

I will be sharing this tool with all of you in an upcoming webinar.
Tools that I use for predictable Power, Perspective, Production, and Purpose.
Tools that I have proven in my own life to utilize our family Vaults greater than ever before.
Tools that you too will be able to utilize in your own life.

New Day, New Opportunity by Michael Isom
Jan 10th, 2022

What are you going to title this excited stack? New Day New Opportunity

What domain of CORE 4 are you stacking? BEING

Who/What are you stacking? My mindset

In this moment, why has my mindset triggered you to feel excited? As I sit here this morning, Monday morning I am reminded that it’s a new day. A new opportunity.

Why is that so? Because I believe that it is.

What is it like to not think that way? It’s frustrating. Upsetting.

  • I’m down on myself and the world. I neglect my body.
  • I don’t take care of myself. I have no desire to invest in me or my relationships.
  • I don’t want to eat well. I’ll sedate with alcohol. TV. Social media.
  • I’ll gamble with my money. I’ll blame others. Not taking accountability.
  • I’ll wait for others to save me. The government. A spouse. Family member. A friend.

How attractive is that to a spouse? What kind of role model is that? What kind of legacy is that?
Who wants to follow that person at work? In life?

  • All of this because I didn’t wake up and put myself in power.
  • All of this because I didn’t create the mindset that allows me to see and experience things in a positive light.

No are things always a bed of roses? Hell no. Here is the difference.
“One sees themselves as the single greatest asset on their portfolio in order to live an extraordinary life.”
Knowing they must wake up daily and create this. Daily! It’s not given to you. You must create it. How often? Daily.

What is the story you’re telling yourself, created by this trigger, about my mindset and the situation?
I wake up daily and create the mindset I want to have.

Describe the single word feelings that arise for you when you tell yourself that story?
Control Power Integrity Empathy Abundance Authentic Desire Giver Producer Creator

Describe the specific thoughts and actions that arise for you when you tell yourself this story?
I know I must wake up daily and create the mindset I want to have for the day.
This is no one else’s responsibility but my own. Mine and mine only. If I say I want something, then my actions will follow it.
It’s the actions that tell us if we really want something.
If we gamble with our mindset we will gamble with our money. If we gamble with our money we will gamble with our marriage. Oh shit! Yep it’s true.
When we gamble in one area of our life, we are more willing to gamble in the other areas of our life. You know this.
And yes, I’m not the only one to say it. Question is are you hearing it?
How you do one thing is how you do other things.

What evidence do you have to support this story as absolutely true?
Shit! My life. My money. My marriage. My family. My health. My spirituality. My business.
It’s not different. It’s not. And you’re not alone.

What are the non-emotional facts about the situation with my mindset that triggered you to experience this level of excitement?
I know I must wake up daily and create the mindset I want.
My mindset effects my actions. My results.
The results tell us.

Empowered by your exciting trigger with my mindset and the original story I wake up daily and create the mindset I want to have. you are telling yourself, what do you truly want for you in and beyond this situation?
I want to continue to wake up daily creating consciously on purpose.
Living the life, I want, out of purpose.

What do you want for my mindset in and beyond this situation?
To stay hungry. Powerful. Abundant. Strong. In control. Happy. Deep Joy. Eager. On point. Creator.

What do you want for my mindset and YOU in and beyond this situation?
To create expand and grow daily sharing with others in all that I create.

Stepping back from what you have created so far, why has this exciting trigger been extremely positive?
I’m reminded that I create what I want. I wake up daily and put myself in the power and perspective I want.
It’s no one else’s responsibility but my own.

Looking at how positive this exciting trigger has been, what is the singular lesson on life you are taking from this stack?
I am responsible for everything in my life.

What is the most significant revelation or insight you are leaving this excitement stack with, and why do you feel that way?
My happiness? My responsibility.
My production? My responsibility. My body. My being. My balance. Relationships. My business production.
What a beautiful reminder. Thank you!

What immediate actions are you committed to taking leaving this stack?
Share this stack up. Allow others to get value from it.