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Here is the Harsh Reality…

Most divorces are caused from bad finances and poor communication…

More so than even infidelity!

…You’ll fail at your marriage if you don’t learn to communicate safely about Money and Finance.

Watch Spouses & Spending Plans

… and it makes no difference how much money you make, the problems are not tied to income.

Wendy and I have worked on this for the past 15 years and came together in this video to talk about what works for us and how to move into a plan that is mutually empowering.

…Spending plans.

…What accounts to use.

…How to uncover how much is needed in the “House Account”.

…Who is in charge of what financially.

It’s one way we have found to remove confusion, stress, and arguments about money.

More money does not fix money problems!

Budgeting does not fix money problems.

It’s the way you communicate.

It’s how you frame money in your business and family life.

And the way you build a safe environment around spending.

…while your spending plan is unique to your family, Wendy and I want you to have an open view of what we do to keep the conversation about money positive and powerful!


Click Here Now to LISTEN to the MP3 of Spouses & Spending Plans.


you can continue to live with confusion, stress, and secrecy in your money life.

It’s your choice.