It was just yesterday that a client emailed in wanting to stop paying into their whole life insurance policy.

You know what they say, “The market is lower it’s a great time to invest” or “buy low, sell high”.
Makes sense, I know, and is for sure tempting.



The shiny new object.
Remember, you are the shiny new object.
Your business/career is the shiny new object.

If you’re getting bored in your career and or business, mix it up.

  • Take a Tony Robins course.
  • Hire a coach.
  • Read a new book.
  • Go to Wake Up Warrior and be deliberate about things in your life.

Do all that above whether you are bored or not. Do it to not get bored.

NOTHING!  I REPEAT, NOTHING, will outperform your ability to produce at the highest levels in your area of expertise.

Not to mention the peace of mind it will give you.

You see, happiness is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal or goal.
Enjoy the ride along the way.

And who actually knows when the market will be high or low in the future.

For example, what about the couple that invested all their lives in the market about to retire then 2022 hits and their entire account balances lower by 30+%.

Do they wait to stop working? Cut back?

Sell off things they didn’t want to sell?

Not take the vacations they wanted. On and on.

It’s not worth it.
Not to mention the anxiety and stress along the way all those years having their money go up and down with massive swings.

This particular client that emailed in, and I’ve had many others tell me, that they experienced major growth in their business this last year.
20-30% growth. In an area they controlled. In an area they had knowledge and expertise. In an area they had and have purpose and passion.

Hello! Stay Focused!

Invest in you. People. People are assets, things are not.
Invest in your career.
Invest in your business. All areas of your business. 

  • Marketing.
  • Sales.
  • Systems and processes.
  • People.
  • Equipment.
  • Training.
  • Coaching.
  • Mindset.

Seek this new year to increase your HLV. Human Life Value.
Add to the asset column of your HLV balance sheet this new year.

Don’t gamble.

Make sure you have knowledge and expertise in an area you invest in.

Long term you will also want to have purpose and passion driving this area.
Control. Maintain control over your investments.
When you relinquish control make sure that money is guaranteed, protected and liquid.

Also, most of the time it’s best to pay your income tax now and save your money in areas that allow you to pull it out tax free in the future.

Have your annual reviews with me.

The squirrel syndrome is real. I know.
Don’t gamble. The cost is way too high in our lives.
At a much deeper level it’s about self-worth.

I’m so excited for all of you to read my new book, What We’re Worth.
This will assist each of you in your perspective around all of this.

Perspective determines action.