Step #1: The Money Mindset

  • Key Area [1 of 10] Wealth

    Level 1, 2, 3 (Asleep)
    You do not have a plan and if you are honest with yourself, you don’t feel worthy of a plan of any kind in your life. You find that nearly 100% of your mental capital is focused on survival and this scarcity has compressed your vision and will not allow you to see much past today. You are willing to risk everything in and around your life just to survive and the future feels very small.

    Level 4, 5, 6 (Awake)
    You have stepped into abundance for the first time and can finally see the importance of a plan. You see others who have a plan and you are committed to creating your own to finally bring stability to your abundance. Although you seek it, the past stories of scarcity are still very strong and seem to kill your motivation to do the painful work to actually create the plan you desire.

    Level 7, 8, 9 (Active)
    You have transcended your past stories of scarcity enough to establish a solid basic plan. You are truly feeling abundance entering your world at a level that was previously unimaginable. The idea of returning to the chaos and survival you experienced in the past is unacceptable to you and your focus has begun to shift to expanding your PLAN in order to protect this new level of abundance.

    Level 10, 11, 12 (Accelerated)
    You have stabilized abundance and your plan empowers you daily to know that no matter what happens in the world around you, abundance can never be stripped away again. This reality has allowed you to turn your vision to prosperity and for the first time in your life, your purpose of legacy has begun to open up. You are now clear that you will spend the rest of your life putting a dent in the universe by building an empire that you can pass on to future generations who will follow you.

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Discover the FACTS about your finances!

The next step of the training will be the Financial Facts,
You will receive an email after completing the above assessment so watch your EMAIL for the next step. 

Step #2

Financial Facts:

Discover the facts about your finances!

This is where you begin to transform your finances!

In this section you are going to unlock the FACTS behind your financial stories.

Michael gets straight to the point about the strategies you have used in the past that have brought you to where you are today.

The good and the bad.

It’s time to honestly appraise your current financial reality.

No stories, just facts.

It’s time to let go of the stories and take back control of your finances!

Step #3

Go Live to Live

45 min meeting with Michael G Isom

After you know where your mind is, as well as the facts around your current reality, we begin to see new possibilities.

Not as a hope that some gambling will maybe bring the ship to the shore,

but a real possibility based on guarantees.  

It MUST happen if and when we act a certain way.

But that does not matter until you create a new belief that the “possibility” is your new reality!

This training is going to give you the unique opportunity to discuss the specifics about what tools to use, how use them to build your #1 Asset, and when to use them to build your #1 Investment.