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Discover the Facts!
This is where you begin to transform your finances

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Schedule a Live 45 min meeting.

The next step of the training involves meeting with Michael G Isom

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Go Live to Live

45 min meeting with Michael G Isom

After you know where your mind is, as well as the facts around your current reality, we begin to see new possibilities.

Not as a hope that some gambling will maybe bring the ship to the shore,

but a real possibility based on guarantees.  

It MUST happen if and when we act a certain way.

But that does not matter until you create a new belief that the “possibility” is your new reality!

This training is going to give you the unique opportunity to discuss the specifics about what tools to use, how use them to build your #1 Asset, and when to use them to build your #1 Investment.

I have felt less guilt in spending, less stress when my wife spends money, and really begun to enjoy life much more. My focus has shifted from accumulation to cash flow and it has been liberating. I have enjoyed purchasing investments that make me money and be able to take guilt-free vacation time. When I graduated I thought I was going to need to live like I was poor for 4 years to pay back my student loans, which is one way of doing things, but I have been much happier than those of my colleges who are following that route. Due to my mindset, I have been able to create wealth and prosperity in my life.


We have been part of the vault AIS for 2 years and it has completely change my relationship with money and finances. I have went from scarcity in my bank account and mindset to now thinking in terms of abundance and prosperity. I have a different mindset on Legacy and realizing that this is the number one driver for me showing up to work everyday for me, my marriage and my family.