Step #3

Go Live to Live?

Step #3

Go Live to Live?

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First I want to say thank you. For the first time in my life, I feel like I am going in the direction that I should be headed. For the first time, I have a plan that creates value, puts my mind at ease, and most of all protect my family and its future. I have a long way to go but thank you again for providing Odette and I some great direction.


Having the feeling of my own vault does contribute to my own power and certainty.


Definitely created value for me and my family. For me the most important thing is my family and their well being and I believe this strategy is crucial for that to happen financially. –


Working with Michael and Lacey at Vault AIS has been easy, timely, and very informative. As a person who doesn’t understand much about whole life insurance policies and how to properly invest money into my future, I received step by step instructions as well as a plethora of information to get me through the process. I couldn’t recommend a better group to be with and handle my money. 


We so appreciate Michael’s teaching and reviewing of the principles and structure of the path we’re on in securing our financial legacy. He and his staff are always so patient to answer our questions and explain topics we find difficult to grasp or remember. We are excited to know our financial future is mapped out and can enjoy the journey getting there as well. 


Very helpful to have a pro look over my whole situation. 


Great experience with Michael, Lacey, and the team at AIS. We for the first time feel confident about our strategy to leave a legacy behind for our family.


You have opened our eyes to the multitude of possibilities that exist. We are in a much better place financially today than we were when we first started working with you. Much of this improvement is due to the strategies that you introduced us to. Thanks!


We live the process and your investment of time and energy in getting to know us and our goals. Would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to invest wisely and wants to control their financial destiny!


Michael and Team are simply superb.

The lens through which they look at life, wealth, and purpose is crystal clear and incredibly inspiring. We opened a vault for myself a few years ago and In the process, Michael changed my life. Our conversations about commitment actually lead me to propose to my wife, get married and now we have this beautiful baby girl that is simply the most amazing PURPOSE we will ever know.

Now we have a vault for myself, my wife, and our sweet daughter. I’ve never felt more depth of certainty that our financial well-being and the legacy of our family is as taken care of as it currently is.

I’m forever grateful, from the bottom of my heart. 


Working with Michael and the Vault AIS system gives me and my family peace of mind knowing, not hoping, that my hard-earned money is protected and growing on a monthly basis. I’ve learned to live without my monthly commitment and haven’t missed it at all, however, I love to watch it grow! 


I have found great value in working with Michael and his team at Vault AIS. I am now at 2 years in using Vault AIS and I am financially at the best place I have ever been in business and personally. There has been nothing greater for me than the peace of mind that I now have knowing that we are growing towards financial freedom.


I appreciate the perspective on Human Life Value and appreciate that we chose not to continue to invest in mutual funds when we first spoke 8 yrs ago.


Really like working with Vault! Explains everything simply and communications great. The team is awesome! 


Vault AIS… changer/life changer! 


In Mike Isom, we have finally found an adviser who thinks outside the box and who has helped us see ourselves as our #1 asset. With Mike’s help we have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in just a few years and it feels so good to know that we are now able to be our own bank and grow our money in a consistent, secure and reliable manner without being slaves to the stock market and its ups and downs. Don’t wait- call the team at VAULT AIS and get started today! Every day counts when we are talking compounding interest! 


I am staying conscious about my daily habits and actions with these exercises. It keeps the big goal “present” and in full view.