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As a serial direct marketer, I am committed to helping entrepreneurs and businesses accumulate wealth…but I know that being truly successful also includes preserving that wealth too, making it possible to pass it on to future generations.

I know that teaching marketing alone will not get them where they need to go… And when I thought I wanted them to learn “what the Rockefellers did” in this area, I realized what I really wanted them to do was “what Garrett Gunderson and Michael Isom DO!.”

What Would The Rockefellers Do? is a must-read for anyone interested in having their hard work (and wealth) last longer than one generation…and the polite way Garrett and Michael debunk much of what we think we know about building wealth is refreshing and instructive. And the best part it will lead to a course of action that will be game-changing for anyone’s financial future.

Brian, Titans Marketing LLC and business builder at Boardroom Inc....and "serial direct marketer" November 21, 2017