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“My wife Candice and I were introduced to Michael in 2012. When he introduced us to Cash Flow Banking we were amazed. Amazed that no one had ever told us about this before, and at what an incredible vehicle for wealth building this could be for us. Michael helped us convert an existing life insurance policy into one that was much better suited for cash flow banking. Since then we have purchased 2 other life insurance policies with the same company. We have borrowed money from our policies now on several occasions. Knowing we can avoid the hassle of borrowing from a bank, and pay ourselves interest has been very financially empowering. Seeing our cash value accumulate at 5% a month has been something we never experienced in any other investment vehicle. We are delighted with the security and peace of mind Cash Flow Banking has given us. Many Thanks Michael!”

Jim & Candice Bentz

“Working with Mike Isom has been a blessing for me and my family. One year ago I had no life insurance and neither did my wife. We had a wedding to plan for with no plans of how to pay for it. Within the last year we were able to get life insurance for me and my wife and also start saving for our first daughters wedding as well. Can’t wait to see where we will be in another year from now.

“I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Mike Isom and Vault AIS to everyone looking to gain financial knowledge and that piece of mind that if something bad unexpectedly happened to you that your loved ones will be ok.”


“The more I fully grasp the concept of cash flow insurance and leveraging my whole life insurance plan as the foundation for my family legacy the more I see the impact I can have on generations to come for my family. This is inspiring and I’m grateful for AIS for reaching these concepts. I’m not where I want to be but I see a path forward and I’m clear of the immense value I can bring to my legacy through this process.”

Joey G.

“In a world full of divide and conflict it can be hard to stay focused on your financial future. I felt distracted and overwhelmed prior to meeting the VAULT A.I.S. Team. After absorbing their valuable knowledge on investment strategies and concepts I felt an immediate relief to my worries.

“In my mid 30’s I felt I had missed out on too many years of lost compounding interest earnings as well as missing out on getting in on one of the fastest growing Bull Markets in history. My mind is at easy now with the implementation of the VAULT A.I.S. strategies and with this clear vision my personal life and business have improved dramatically.

“The power that is generated from having a sound financial plan and adviser is something I hope everyone can experience as it is a key component to a happy and successful life. Thank you to Michael and his team for sharing this with me and my family we will never forget what you have done to help us achieve this peace of mind.”

Eddie M.

“We have been part of the vault AIS for 2 years and it has completely change my relationship with money and finances. I have went from scarcity in my bank account and mindset to now thinking in terms of abundance and prosperity. I have a different mindset on Legacy and realizing that this is the number one driver for me showing up to work everyday for me, my marriage and my family.”


“Michael helped me understand what we have been doing wrong when it comes to our life insurance and investment strategies. I have lost a substational amount of money over the years trusting other insurance brokers who sell whole life as well as other investment advisors. Michael has helped me realize that I just need to trust and invest in my number one asset which is myself and my business. Lacey is awesome at responding to all of my logistical questions as well. Thanks for all the help so far and I look forward to having a great ongoing relationship.”

David W.

“The process has been easy and I like it. It gives me a good overall view of my financial picture and to make sure things are going according to plan to reach my goals. If I ever have any questions or unexpected issues arise I can just ask and I will get an answer to solve the issue and I then I don’t have to worry about it anymore.”


“Michael Isom and the Vault AIS team we’re absolutely amazing. After a thorough consultation I felt clear and confident that I was in the right hands. The suggested strategy was was unlike anything I had been offered before. Asset protection and wealth building all while feeling secure that my family is protected gives me more confidence to produce and has enabled me to enjoy life on a deeper level knowing my affairs are in order.”

David T.

“Michael and Team are simply superb. The lens through which they look at life, wealth and purpose is crystal clear and incredibly inspiring. We opened a vault for myself a few years ago and In the process Michael changed my life. Our conversations about commitment actually lead me to propose to my wife, get married and now we have this beautiful baby girl that is simply the most amazing PURPOSE we will ever know. Now we have a vault for myself, my wife and our sweet daughter. I’ve never felt more depth of certainty that our financial well-being and the legacy of our family is as taken care of as it currently is. I’m forever grateful, from the bottom of my heart.”

Stanton H.

“Cash flow banking, although simple in concept and relatively speaking in and of itself not a new idea, is a game changer! Some of the greatest minds of all time have said ‘simple is hard but simple is brilliant.’ This simple concept is brilliant and so much more.

“The key to cash flow banking is creating clarity of mind; when we have clarity we are free to pursue our God-given talent. Clarity of thought then provides massive leverage in the business and home life!

“Cash flow banking will not only improve your mindset, it will improve your quality of life. Thank you Michael for brushing off the dust and uncovering this timeless concept for me; it’s truly had a major life effect!”

Jared M. Hinsel


“We are grateful to have this family bank for investing in ourselves! We didn’t “know” we would “want/need” this money for our next step so “soon”! We are so glad we connected with you and your team to help us with this type of clarity and funding so that the cash is ready when we need it (NOW) – not stuck in the stock market.”


“Michael is always more than happy to answer all of my questions and takes ample time to explain all of the rationale and process of setting up my financial future. He is pationate about the learning process and his philosophy is Rock Solid. I always enjoy or conversations and feel as if Vault AIS has my best interests at heart. Lacey is always on the ball with assisting getting all of the fine details completed and is more than patient with those of us who procrastinate. I’m very happy with the service I have received.”

David T.

“On an elementary level, the program has introduced us to a new way of looking at savings and how to leverage “our stuff” better. Having the peace of mind that we are saving and providing a financial foundation for our kids that we did not have ourselves is rewarding….”


“We have a tremendous feeling of safety and protection and peace of mind that we didn’t have before.”

Gary and Samantha

“I have learned so much through this process. I used to have an abstract and somewhat augmented relationship with money. I did not like checking my account. It would stress me out. Much has been demystified through working with this company. I feel secure even though I am only a year in.”

Abbi E.

“Working with Vault AIS has brought me peace of mind to know that I’ve got a low risk and safe savings strategy that will provide for my family. Michael has not only helped me make sound financial decisions, he has also educated me on how to create a vault for my savings.”


“Michael is very knowledgeable and definitely has given great insights on how to protect and insure myself and my family. I look forward to our annual meetings.”


“We share your info with total strangers. Thanks for all you do.”

Adam and Sandy E.

“Michael has provided clarity and direction – components that have not been present in my financial past. I have had consultants, advisers, financial planners – but never truly understood what was important, where my money was going and how it was working for me. I now have confidence knowing that the decisions I am making now, decisions that influence my family and my future, are the foundation steps leading to my legacy.”

Shane S.

“Nobody will learn these systems in school or college. Michael has taught me not only about building and protecting a future but about balance and investing in myself. It’s a shame more people don’t understand this, the middle class would be greatly strengthened by this knowledge.”

Scott A.

“I am always encouraged by my time with Mike. He has been more than just a financial adviser. He will be real with you, tell you the raw truth, to get relevant results in your life. Thanks for giving me the tools to invest in my #1 asset, ME!”

Kyle E.

“Vault AIS and their team from our first call brought massive amounts of value, showing and providing a way to securing our financial future and that having this plan assist us in every area of life allowing us to live life more fulfilled.”


“Using the Cash Flow Banking system has created great clarity around my finances and empowered me when making investments in myself and the people and things that I care most about in life.”

Michael W. Buffington


“Setting up the correct policies and allowing them to work for us and be understood has been valuable. This continues to give us peace of mind as the years go by while we are building
up our assets. I always appreciate when speak as it always opens up my mind to great things.”

Bryan J.

“By having taken the time for us to understand the VALUE of the Whole life insurance, we have been able to ease the burden, strife, fear of ‘saving’ for the future. We have realized with AIS’s help that we don’t have to wait to LIVE our lives. We have been able to purchase our dream car, RV and have our perfect kitchen….NOW and still put our 2 oldest children in college AND plan and pay for our son’s dream wedding!”

Janna L.

“From my initial meeting, Vault has offered clear and concise consulting on building a better future for both me and my family. The longevity of savings has allowed me comfort in knowing that my future will be prosperous.”

Elijah L.

“Discussing life plans and financial goals with Michael has been a blessing to me. He really cares about where you are going and how he can make your journey easier for you. I recommend him and Lacey for your financial planning needs!”

Austin S.

“Michael / Wendy / Lacey, First I want to say thank you. For the first time in my life I feel like I am going in the direction that I should be headed. For the first time, I have a plan that creates value, puts my mind at ease, and most of all protects my family and its future. I have a long way to go, but thank you again for providing my wife and I some great direction.”

Rey R.

“I certainly appreciate everything your firm has done to answer my questions and set up my policies.”


“The Vault AIS team is unlike any other financial advisor I’ve ever dealt with. Their first priority is understanding you, your life, your needs, your hopes and dreams and then offering opportunities for you to consider to that end. That in and of itself may seem obvious, but there’s a unique sense of genuineness that we got from them. I could talk to 2 dozen other advisors and probably get some type of traditional package to consider that only varies slightly from vendor to vendor.

“With Vault AIS, I felt a sense of caring and partnership. The process was deliberate and it took a little time, which I appreciated because usually there’s a sales pitch at the end, “so, when can we get you signed up?” That didn’t happen with Vault AIS, once we were comfortable and familiar and had all of our questions (and multiple follow up questions, lol) answered we knew exactly what was happening and made the decision to work with them. Best financial decision I’ve ever made!!”

Tony C.

Working with Vault AIS has been one of the best decisions we have ever made. They have given us peace of mind that we not only have security in our financial future, but also have existing funds readily accessible for any current need that may arise. We find that we no longer worry about money for the future, which has allowed us to live in the present and enjoy life even more. Working with Vault AIS has been a great experience because of their passion and commitment to their clients’ well being. We would encourage anyone who is considering working with Vault AIS to not wait, get started today!

- Jennifer L. Moran DDS and Paul Driscoll


“Michael and his team are True Professionals! Transparency was the thing I loved most about their approach to creating a financial plan together, and his ability to explain complex policies and programs in a way that is easily understandable. Thank you for such great service!!!”

Mark C.

“Vault AIS created a great experience from start to finish. The introductory zoom call was very informative and illustrated concepts I’ve read about but not many people know about never mind are implementing in their strategy for wealth building. I was both humbled and impressed by the book, ‘What Would the Rockefeller’s Do?’ We received a hard copy from Vault AIS in snail mail. It is a lost art these days to receive something so thoughtful in the mail, and the book served to fill in much detail about the concepts we had discussed over zoom with Michael, and concepts that I had also read about prior to meeting with him.

“Additionally, as a business owner, I was also impressed at the (intentional or not) ‘retention’ strategy. When a company shows they value you by offering you value at the same time, you have my attention! The rest is history and I am looking forward to seeing and exploring how our wealth will grow by continuing to work with Vault AIS.”

Jenene C.

“The beauty of cash flow banking is that the more money you put into it, the more you will benefit. You don’t have to worry about what the market is doing. Even if the market goes down, the money will never drop. And although it is mainly used by the very wealthy, you don’t need to be rich to use cash flow banking. I wish I would have started utilizing it years ago.”

Spencer Boley


“At this moment in the process the awareness of where we are gives us insight to what is possible for our family, gives us a sense of empowerment and certainty of a plan that reduces the risk, and keeps the control and power in our hands when it comes to the legacy we want to create for our family. This process requires work, and consistently being aware of what it is we want out of life. Michael’s commitment to me and my family is beyond anything we have ever experienced. We trust him and this process.”


“We have had a great experience working with Vault AIS, Michael and Lacey have been extremely helpful and have answered any questions we had throughout the process. Michael is a true expert in whole life insurance and all that goes with it. I feel a lot better today after implementing these strategies than I did before. I feel that with all this planning and implementation my family is in a much better spot for the future and that relieves a lot of pressure off of me.”

Victor C.

“Comforting to know I’m shifting my savings to, and building it in, a Vault where I can maintain control of it. Empowering to know I will now have access to MY MONEY. Relief in knowing it will be secure. Exciting to know I can soon be my own bank. Michael brought clarity to all my questions and concerns with what I was previously doing by saving in a 401-k. He was also patient and thorough about explaining the principles of Vault as this was complete new to me. The AIS Triangle Michael has created is a passion and lifestyle -which is exceedingly more fulfilling than a portfolio.”

Zandon M.

“Cash flow banking has revolutionized my wife and I’s idea of what truly creates wealth, and how we think and go about our financial decisions together, as a result of that it has created a higher quality of life knowing we have complete control over our future and the legacy we leave behind for our family. It has empowered us to dedicate ourselves to creating the life we truly want for our family! We are forever grateful for this process, it has changed our lives! Much love”

Brian and Theresa Hughes

“Working with Michael and Lacey has been fantastic. We had come in with one larger policy in mind and Michael took the time to slow down and explain how that actually wouldn’t be a good fit for us right now and paired us with a plan that actually fit our needs but still gave us the flexibility to move to the larger plan when the timing is right. I couldn’t be more grateful for the time, education, and transparency we received. I never felt pressured only guided in the direction we needed to go, it was like having a family member in the business looking out for my wife and me.”

Scott C.

“Vault AIS has given us financial and personal peace of mind. Before we worked with Michael, we had no security about finances, and could not see a way forward to “retirement”. Now we see retirement in a completely different light, and know we have multiple options for this stage of our lives. We have also been able to “live wealthy” rather that live in scarcity as we used to. This shift in mindset has significantly reduced our stress and anxiety, and given us the peace of mind to enjoy life more fully.”

James B.

“Over the last 22 years. My story was that all brokers and finical planners are only in it for the money and don’t care about me, my money or the results I get – just their commissions.
My experience with Michael has completely shattered that world view and I genuinely
appreciate the personal connections that Michael and his staff bring to the table. I would be
happy to recommend you guys to anyone seeking this kind of investment strategy. A heart-felt THANK YOU for going above and beyond the the ‘industry standard.'”

Andy R.

“Understanding how to leverage the power of security and Human Life Value has been immeasurable. Having my money work for me and in line with my core values allows the security needed to take risks in business and invest in myself and business so production is enhanced greatly. I highly recommend Mike to all my colleagues, friends and family!”


“We love the peace of mind and the opportunities that Vault AIS has given us.”


“My experience has been phenomenal. Mike Isom is a master communicator and helps create a vision and philosophy that carries over to all dynamics in life not just financial investments. The team is organized and efficient, tech savy and produces high quality content and thinking and strategy… ultimately bringing lots of VALUE! Thanks Mike and Team for all your help!”

Shannon B.

“Discussing life plans and financial goals with Michael has been a blessing to me. He really cares about where you are going and how he can make your journey easier for you. I recommend him and Lacey for your financial planning needs!”

Austin S.

“Working with Michael and Lacey at Vault AIS has been great for my family and I in planning for and getting set up to secure our future financially. We enjoy and appreciate all that they do.”


“Every single communication that I have with the Vault AIS team since my initial engagement 2 years ago has been professional and yet, I feel like a family member.”

Tom H.

“Of course, guaranteed future wealth for my family is a must, this is why I go to work everyday. Putting cash in a place where it is PROTECTED yet ACCESSIBLE is a game changer for me. Building the VAULT has allowed me not only to protect my family, but the ‘mental capital’ I have gained by doing this is allowing me to produce at my highest level EVER! Finally the security it has given my wife to be honest has to be the best thing ever. Words can not describe what this has done for us Thank you Michael!”

Jason C.

“You have helped me with understanding a complex thing not very well understood by any persons. They for the most part have very different opinions on the topics and strategies you discuss. I like what you have to say and appreciate you.”


“I would refer any married business man and his family to Vault AIS to be empowered once again in and around their money life. Why? Because this has been my experience working with Michael, Lacey and Jim.”


“I have learned a lot about building wealth and where to put my money. As a young 29 year old business owner it can be a lot at times and overwhelming in terms of the money coming in and what to do with it so this is helped me feel secure and safe about my finances.”

Joe M.

“Michael’s integrity is beyond compare. I’ve never met anyone else in finance like him. He truly cares about your future and is not out to make a quick buck. Thank you for all the value you have provided my family and for the economic certainty in my life.”


“My Cash Flow Banking policy has become the cornerstone of my financial peace of mind. I’m now able to focus my attention on my Soul Purpose without stressing about my wealth.”

Peter Scott IV

Bestselling Author of The Fearless Mindset

“I can’t explain the disappointment I experienced when I reviewed my life insurance policy only to find it was not what I had had thought I had purchased. I am thankful that I was still insurable be on the back side of 55. The rollover to a paid up whole life plan was relatively easy. I did experience a minor taxable event but when the dust cleared I was in a more favorable financial position with a positive forward looking horizon. Thanks for everything!”


“You have put me on the path to financial freedom. It is a long road and soon we will be debt-free and we will be discussing the size of my vault and using “The Bank of Chris Masters” to fund my future growth. Thank you!”


“Michael adds so much more value and peace of mind to our family financial situation. He goes above and beyond to serve, encourage and educate his clients.”


“The idea of creating my own family/business bank has been great. Utilizing the money whenever I need it for expansion and opportunity gives me peace of mind and security. I am still learning and reading every year to get better and better at the process. Michael and his team are top notch, trustworthy, and provide a ton of value for which I am sincerely grateful.”


“Everyone has been a pleasure to work with in helping set up my vault and guiding me through the process.”


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