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This is going to piss off your CPA…. 🤬

A 94% Federal income tax is on the horizon…

That means the top tax bracket would keep $0.06 for every $1.00 they made

And that is 🗽 Federal income tax only….
Not to mention State taxes and other Federal taxes!

🇺🇸 Federal income tax was once a staggering 94% in the United States!

Today we are at 39% for the top tax bracket.

BUT there is nothing to say it won’t climb back up. 📈

As a matter of fact, there is more evidence that it will go up rather than go down or even stay the same.

Over the past 106 years in the United States:
💸 50 years were over 70% Federal Income Tax
💸 15 years were over 90% Federal Income Tax

The average is 58% Federal Income Tax in the US.

Taxes are on SALE and no-one can tell you for how long.

Your CPA will tell you to invest in a qualified plan in order to get “tax savings.”
🔪 That is a LIE!

They can not guarantee you will save any tax…
🗽 And the chances are you will end up paying significantly more to the government. 🏛

Here is why:
Watch the 94% Tax Bracket Video.

Deferring taxes is not tax savings…
It’s tax gambling…. 🎲🎲
Gambling where you know the odds are set-up for your loss.

If you’re not sure, call me.
📲 Or have your CPA call me!

Stop gambling.
You are your #1 Asset
Your business/career is your #1 Investment
And your #1 Strategy is to keep your cash where it is protected, liquid, and guaranteed.
💰 IE: a Vault policy from Vault AIS™