The AIS Triangle™ Fundamentals Pack

Thank you for requesting the AIS Triangle™ Fundamentals Pack!

The following resources give you a big-picture view of the Vault AIS™ philosophy of finance and money.

  • You are your own #1 Asset
  • Your business/career is your #1 Investment
  • The #1 Strategy is to keep your cash somewhere that is guaranteed, protected, & liquid.

Don’t fall prey to typical financial viewpoints. Your financial path to wealth accumulation can be enjoyable and even fun.  Most of all, our aim is to eliminate financial worry and stress from your prosperity journey.

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1. What Would the Rockefellers Do? eBook:

Would you rather earn interest than pay it and eliminate paying fees to bank and jumping through hoops to get loans? Are you frustrated with being overtaxed and/or being dependent on a volatile stock market? Do you suspect that the ultra wealthy play a different set of rules than you do, and that their secrets have been kept just out of your reach? What would it mean to you and your family if you knew these rules and were able to play by them too? Read this book and finally rig the game in your favor!

2. The AIS Triangle™ – eBook

Banks do something different with your money than what you were taught to actually do with your own money! Think about it. Banks want your money. They want your money on a regular basis. They want to hold onto it for as long as possible. When it comes time for you to go and get your money, they want to pay it back to you as slow as possible. Every product and service they manufacture meets that agenda. A combination of short finanial essays and Q&A sessions, this 130 page eBook debunks the myths around typical money and finance propoganda.

3. Vault AIS™ Self-Assessment

This 10 question self-assessment identifies your mindset in 10 key financial areas.

We are living during the most extraordinary time in human history. Entrepreneurs are going to create more wealth for themselves and society over the next decade than during the entire 20th century.

We invite you to take our Financial Self-Assessment below and discover the abundance level of your own mind as it relates to 10 key financial categories.  After all, disciplined saving and investing are irrelevant without disciplined thinking!

“You cannot reach your goals until you know where you are to begin with.” -Michael G Isom

4. Video: Building Individual Net Worth


Why we do what we do…

A deep dive into Building Individual Net Worth

Michael G Isom outlines three progressive keys to building your individual net worth.

  1. Gaining clarity
  2. Greater desire
  3. Getting exchange.

5. Frequently asked questions about money and finance.

Have questions about the AIS Triange™, Vault AIS™, Vaults, or anything else related to your #1 Asset, #1 Investment, or #1 Strategy?  Just ask away, we’re here to help.

I hope you enjoy your AIS Triangle™ Fundamentals Pack.

Hidden Bonus:

Here are the Vault AIS™ Values for you to review as you discover who we are, our goals, and what we stand for.

    1. We are real, raw, relevant, and ruthlessly committed to results.
    2. People are the assets, things are not.
    3. We tell the truth in all areas of our life.
    4. We embrace and educate all to create, grow, and expand abundance and prosperity.
    5. We choose to be happy, have positive focus, and avoid getting stuck in the gap.
    6. Self-care and recharging your battery allows you to offer more to others you come in contact with.
    7. We create value for all those we assist
    8. We are wise stewards of our resources.
    9. We are committed, not just interested.

#1 Asset

People are assets, “things” are not. Your mindset, skill sets, purpose, education, experiences in life, morals, values. It’s who you are as a person. Your mental capital. All of this is your HLV (Human Life Value). HLV is the source and creator of all PV (Property Value). You are your #1 Asset. Want more PV in your life, it’s a simple formula, increase your HLV 1st.

#1 Investment

Your marketing, sales, systems and your leadership. Think for a moment about where all the cash has come from in your life up to this point. The reality is, that is where it will continue to come from moving forward. It’s the area where you maintain control versus relinquish control. The area you have the most passion and expertise. The most knowledge. The most opportunity. If you are to take any risk, take it here and nowhere else. Your #1 Investment is your business/career.

#1 Strategy

Think of a Vault. Cash is King. Large amounts of cash, guaranteed, protected, and liquid. Leveraging the economic value of certainty in every area of your life. Knowing versus hoping with your money. And then leveraging that knowledge in your #1 Investment even more than before. Did you know the most successful corporations out there today have a tremendous amount of guaranteed cash on hand? Find out why and how you can have this; and in doing so, create more in every area of your life.

We look forward to assisting you on your financial journey.

In Prosperity
Michael G Isom