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There is a financial crisis happening in this country and it is about to get worse.

There are two rationales that dominate the financial world right now.

Two ways of thinking that are destroying both the economy as well as the overall happiness of American citizens.

The problem is, both sides only see that the other side is “wrong”.

When you cross the front-line into either of these trains of thought, you take feelings of resentment, discontent, and frustration and unknowingly apply them to every relationship you have.

Ever noticed how if you have a bad day at the office, you tend to have a hard time connecting at home?

Or money stress pushes you to isolate and drink away the pain…

I am going to challenge you here and say that although you think you care about money, you may not be caring when it comes to money.

How do I know?

If you are feeling resentment, frustration, discontentment, or are unhappy with your money situation, then by default you are either carrying someone or something financially or you are being carried!

What do I mean?

If you have ever said “I bent over backward for them” then you were…

Carrying someone.

This happens when you:

  • Use your money to try to solve other’s problems.
  • Try to make somebody happy by giving them money.
  • Work harder in your business or career than your boss, coworkers, or employees.
  • Do not require adequate compensation for your products or work.

These are the typical spendthrifts and the codependent spenders who believe that money is the root of all evil.

They feel unworthy or embarrassed to have money, which is subconsciously why spending and/or giving negatively impacts their own quality of life.

On the other side of this phenomenon is the person who is…

Being carried.

A person who is being carried is:

  • Ungrateful of what is given to them.
  • Blames others for their unhappiness.
  • Expects others to work harder on their business than they are willing to work themselves.
  • Thinks an outside investment will save them.
  • Believes that high risk = high return.
  • No one, especially employees, is ever good enough.
  • Dog eats dog (IE: lie, cheat, steal, plagiarize… all is fair in business.)

On the extreme end, this is the typical miser or scrooge.

To them, everyone is mooching on their efforts…

The “love of money” clouds integrity and logic.

They rationalize and lie to look good in front of clients and peers.

Subconsciously they are trying to get the reward without the work. This is why they bend the truth and cheat.

Undoubtedly, you’ve met both types of people.

They are sad, resentful, and discontent.

But there is a 3rd choice.

The person who is caring of their finances.

The caring person knows that income is a direct result of the value created in the marketplace.

They know and own their finances and do not hide from the truth.

They obey the laws governing money and wealth creation.

They find truth by extracting life lessons and apply them moving forward.

They live a life of integrity.  (They are honest, loyal, & trustworthy.)Builds the #1 Asset.

  • Invests in the #1 Investment.
  • Saves in the #1 Strategy.
  • A guaranteed dollar is more valuable than a dollar at risk.

They understand that an investment in any relationship, including money, leads to gratitude.

And consequently, gratitude leads to happiness.

They want to be happy.

Therefore, they live by two basic laws:

  1. Always give your best effort to every relationship.
  2. Expect and require the other part of the relationship bring their best effort.

Doing this brings happiness to that relationship and increases happiness in all other relationships.