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The biggest mistakes I see in typical financial models is there is no space to observe the contribution of human life.

Most mainstream planners out there today who “sell” for the financial institutions and their agenda, focus on property value assets only.

Property value assets consist of things like:

  • your home
  • your business,
  • cash savings,
  • investments,
  • real property…

There is little to no mention of one’s Human Life Value assets.

Yet all rational people would agree that the value of human life is a more important commodity than any property value listed on their balance sheet.

This disconnection between physical things and the human effort that brings those things into our lives is fuel for arguments, hate, jealousy, divorce, discontentment…

Q: Why do you think they neglect “Human Life Value assets” in typical financial planning models?

A: It’s not in big financial institutions best interest for you to understand HLV!

HLV assets consist of things like:

  • your education,
  • your life experiences,
  • your integrity,
  • your knowledge,
  • your personal self-worth.

HLV is who you are as a person.

It’s your #1 Asset.
Not the bank, not the house, not stocks!

Your HLV is the source and creator of ALL of your property value.
It’s a simple formula.

Do you want more property value in your life?

Then you have to increase your HLV first.

Think about it.

Your #1 Investment has been and will always be your own business and/or career.

  1. You are maintaining control versus relinquishing control.
  2. You have the most knowledge and expertise in this area.
  3. You care the most about this area.
  4.  You are passionate about this area.

This leads us to the #1 Strategy today – the Vault AIS™ strategy of saving.

This is what we call … Vault AIS™

  • #1 Asset
  • #1 Investment
  •  #1 Strategy