Last week’s email was a stark reality check from wall-street about the massive failures of universal and indexed Universal whole life policies.

The Wall Street Journal and the Dow Jones & Company openly proved that

  • UL and IUL policiesare NOT Guaranteed,
  • they are NOT Liquid,
  • and they are NOT Protected.

Vault AIS™ does not and never will sell UL or IUL policies!

It still boggles my mind that companies are still promoting and selling these bogus policies.
So what about the policies we do sell as Vault?

What exactly are the GUARANTEES?

How EXACTLY are they liquid?

What Protection is there?

In short, how would the policies building your Vault hold up to the same standards?

You will want to print and keep this email.

Although this might not be a sexy fairy tale of entertainment, here are the verifiable FACTS about Whole Life insurance policies from a mutual life insurance company.

The sources for these facts are from:
“Live Your Life Insurance” by Kin D.H. Butler
“What Would the Rockefellers Do?” by Michael G Isom
And various articles and research done by the Prosperity Economics Movement.
(Condensed and Used with permission from all authors)
Guaranteed, Liquid, and Protected!

First of all, when you built a Vault with a whole life policy from a mutual life insurance company, you are purchasing a product for its guarantees.


Unlike UL and IUL, the premiums for the policies we utilize will never go up! It will not change with health, disability, age, income…

Your premium will remain the same for the rest of your life or until the policy is paid up. Guaranteed!

There is a 100% chance that you are going to die while you have this policy.
It’s not if, it’s when.

Your policy is not temporary like a car warranty, it’s permanent.

So long as you have paid your premiums, it does not go away after time.

The death benefit of your Vault is assured.

There is guaranteed cash value that is net of all costs (mortality costs, company expenses, agent commissions).

That cash value is guaranteed to rise every single year even if no dividends are paid.

Your gains are locked in, and unless you withdraw from it, your cash value will only ever go up.

Cash value can be guaranteed because of the following guarantees:

  • A guaranteed mortality rate.
  • This means that your cost of insurance inside the policy is pre-determined. No ugly surprises or “imploding” policies.
  • A guaranteed expense factor.
  • Policy expenses are guaranteed not to exceed a contractually determined amount.

Whole life policies guarantee a minimum interest rate (typically 4%) subtract the internal costs of the policy. (This is not including dividends.)

Your cash value will not fluctuate with stocks, interest rates, real estate prices or politics, and your savings are guaranteed to grow even during market crashes and periods of rock-bottom interest rates.

Mutual insurance companies are “by definition… owned entirely by their policyholders,” according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, and “profits earned are returned to policyholders….”

You have a guarantee of participation in any profits of the mutual company.

Dividends, though not contractually guaranteed, have historically been paid in addition to the guaranteed minimum returns of whole life policies.

Declared annually, dividends have been paid by major mutual life insurance companies every year for well over 100 years through every economy imaginable.

Whole life dividends were paid even through the Great Depression and the Great Recession, which gives you an idea of how solid this guarantee is!

Through PUAs, dividends become part of the guaranteed cash value, guaranteed to rise every year.
In this way, your dividends earn their own dividends!
Your ability to borrow against your policy’s cash value is guaranteed by your policy contract. Typically, you can borrow an amount equal to 90 or 95% of your cash value from the insurance company.

And you won’t ever have to justify your reason for borrowing or prove your “creditworthiness” to do so.

With many mutual life insurance companies, you can even lock in a guaranteed interest rate for any future policy loans.

Plus, there are other Guarantees depending on any “riders” you might have on your policy!

So, for the record, Whole Life insurance policies from a mutual life insurance company are Guaranteed!

Next week will show the Facts about how the Guaranteed policies we utilize inside of your Vault are Liquid.

Meaning, how easy is it to access the cash inside of your Vault and how you can leverage that access to fund planned and unplanned purchases.

We have countless stories of clients who have used their Vault to build wealth,

  • protect their families,
  • buffer slow income years,
  • buy cars,
  • invest in their own businesses,
  • use as collateral in very low-interest rate bank loans,
  • and as heartbreaking as death is, we have paid death benefits that have ensured the legacy of beloved clients.

This road of financial wellbeing is not a gambling hall!

Your Vault policy is literally the SAFEST place anywhere to save your money. Period, End of story!

Your Vault is your own version of Fort Knox for all that you have created, all that you will create, and all that you will leave as a legacy for the future.