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In a recent client appointment the client asked me what my agenda was for our meeting together.

I said to him, “To deepen your economic confidence through the principles of The Economic Value of Certainty”.

I then went on to share with him that 100% of the business owners that I have had the pleasure of working with acknowledge that their greatest ROR (rate of return) producing asset is their own business.
Wouldn’t you agree?

With this fact, why would we ever devalue your highest ror producing asset by investing money in any other area other than our own business and ourselves? Education? Opinion? Sales hype? Lack of clarity in our focus?

  • CONTINUE to save your money in an area that guarantees your ror on your cash.
  • CONTINUE to save your money in an area that gives you the ability, in the most efficient way, to utilize your own money for money decisions that you will be making anyway, but now YOU are the bank.
  • CONTINUE to use your cash saved up in your whole life insurance policies for those future money decisions that you will be making anyway. Paying yourself back the interest versus a financial institution.

NEVER AGAIN do you have to devalue the ror of your highest ror producing asset.

If you are not crystal clear about this in your own financial plan with me, reach out to Lacey and set up a time to review.


Leverage the fact that your money is being saved in the most efficient way it possibly can.

Leverage it in your business practice, in your personal life, with your client and patients, with your family and friends.

Take a deep breath, feel it and continue to create at the highest level possible.

Staying as present as you can in each and every given moment.

Michael Isom

Owner of Optic Financial & Creator of the 20/20 Personal Banking System