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Most people can’t handle the following situation…

But you are not like most people, are you?

The Scenario:
5 Min from right now you drive into an intersection and are suddenly and without warning hit by a driver running a red light.

Your car is completely destroyed, and you do not survive.

If you knew that in 5 min time you would no longer be here, what would you want to say to your spouse and/or children?

Watch Spouses & Spending Plans

It’s painful to think about…

But, I challenge you to hand write a letter to your spouse and each of your children. 

Handwritten, not typed.

There is power in writing by hand a note expressing your deepest feelings for each of your loved ones.

Set Targets!

You may think you are writing it for them…

But I guarantee that the moment you write this letter, you will be overcome with profound gratitude and love.

You will want to

  • be with them
  • hold them
  • adventure with them
  • support them.


Because when you take the time to get clear about what is most important, you get a special delivery of perspective that clears away the fog of day-to-day.

Don’t let that fog cloud the new perspective…

Take and retake the Vault AIS self-assessment until the fog of finances has vanished from your life.

If you get stuck, write it in the comment section of the self-assessment and I’ll GET YOU ON MY CALENDAR to talk about it.