Your #1 Asset is you! 
You’re clear about this.

You’re living this on a daily basis.
You wake up in the morning, and you put yourself in power.

You’re clear about creating the courage and confidence that you want around you to get the results that you want in your life.

What is your confidence level in life today personally and professionally with:

  • Money.
  • The way you parent.
  • The way you are with your spouse or your significant other.
  • Your business.
  • Your money decisions.
  • Your protection decisions.

If you’re not sure of all those areas and you haven’t taken our assessment, I want you to stop reading right now, and click below to reassess where you are!

Vault AIS™ Self-Assessment

Just this past Monday I had some dental work done.

They screwed a titanium implant into the bone of my jaw.

As the local anesthesia started to wear off and the reality of drilling into the jawbone set in, I lost the confidence I needed in order to create at the level I demand of myself.

I was out of it!

It really messed with my head & my confidence.
Ended up canceling all my meetings on Monday, and then again on Tuesday.

That downtime, that lack of certainty I felt, as a result, took me out.
Man, it messed me up mentally.
It took me to a place where I had to reach deep to pull back out of it.

What it did was lower my courage and it lowered my confidence.

Not having confidence, not having the ability to be present here in the office to create, to have one on one appointments, to be able to advise and assist others like you with your planning, I had to check out. I had to call the office and allow Lacey and Jim to take care of things here.

I knew that everyone was in good hands. But I needed to take this time to heal.

I had to reassess where I was, the office was able to take care of things, but I found myself deficient in another area.  It wasn’t until I investigated all areas of my life, that I realized the best thing for me to do was to heal.

It didn’t take me long to assess myself, but it was critical to me returning in power.

Similarly, every time you reassess where you are in the 10 areas of the Vault AIS™ Self-Assessment, you discover the next step, the next tweak, the next simple movement you can take to expand your confidence and thereby your pocketbook.

We talk about this simple document a lot and that is for good reason.

We know of no other way for an individual to reliably and safely expand financially, than to master the 10 simple questions of the self-assessment.

You simply cannot take it too many times!