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Do you believe there are Tax Savings from putting money into a 401K?

Most people have been taught that putting money in a “Pre-Tax” fund will save them tax in the future.

That is a Lie!

Unless you think you will be happier in a lower tax bracket. (We cover that in the video too!)

Here are the FACTS.

There is no Tax Savings when you invest in a 401K, IRA, Sep Simple, or another qualified plan.

Taxes are deferred & there is no guarantee they will be less.

As a matter of fact, you will pay more tax and end return will be the exact same.

You take all of the risks and the only one who benefits is the IRS…

How much more will you give the IRS?

The TruthConcepts.com calculations in the video show the IRS gets $366,947 more to be exact!

Now, we are not Tax planners. So, if you want specific tax counsel, you will want to check with your personal tax professional.  If you don’t have one, just ask and we can refer you to someone.

But you think you will be in a lower tax bracket in the future.

Well here are the facts about that…

The fact is we have no idea what taxes will be in the future.

But we do have a couple of factors we can look at.

  1. Government subsidy programs are at an all-time high.
  2. Government debt is growing at an alarming rate.

It is not logical that the top tax bracket will be lower in the future.

In FACT, the average top bracket in the US, since income tax started in 1913, is 57.9%

Much higher than today.

And it’s been as high as 94%

There is only one way it could be lower, and that is if you are in a lower tax bracket.

Watch the video to understand that myth.

Do you want to live a retirement life in a “lower” tax bracket?

Having less freedom and spending less on the things you enjoy?

I plan to remain in the highest tax bracket!

To enjoy my later years to the fullest.

Why would you risk anything less?