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Perspective Determines Action

Do you know the answers to these questions?

  •  What is the purpose of saving money long term?
  •  What is the ultimate objective of my Retirement Savings?
  •  How much do we need to save?
  •  And where do we need to save it?
  •  Do I know how much I will need to retire on?
  •  Do I know how to turn my $ into an income stream when I want to?
  •  What strategies do I have in place or need to put in place to be able to slow down and or retire completely?

Click on this link to watch a short 4min. video to discover the answers to these question and more.

Click Here >>>> LINK

I will also challenge you after the 4min. video, click on the link then be prepared for my additional questions.

Here is the link once again >>>> LINK

Now… Once you’ve watched the video read the following:

Do you know? If you don’t we need to visit.

Or do we? You decide.

I am here to serve you. To assist and empower you. Gain a greater perspective financially to enhance the actions in your life today more abundantly.

Here is what I know to be true.

  • Perspective does in fact determine action.
  • Knowing versus hoping can and does empower us in the present today.
  • My goal in working with you is to empower you today to know versus hope. And to then leverage that in your life today. Every area of your life.
  • Money can be a tremendous enhancer of who we are today and tomorrow. Enhance the quality of your life by knowing and leveraging the information in the video above.

I am happy to meet again and remind you of your current plan. I am happy to assist you in revising your current plan, enhancing it in a way that empowers you today. I am grateful for all the referrals that you have sent into our office for me to share and discover this with also.

Please email Lacey if you want to meet and or gain a greater perspective of what’s possible for you today.


Michael Isom
St. George, Utah
Owner of Optic Financial & Creator of the 20/20 Personal Banking System