When we see ourselves as the #1 Asset and our actions show it.

I mentioned last week that of being a wise steward.

I want you all to view this as something that is empowering. Not something that takes away.
Think about it this, when you have young kids at home you are continually

  • Teaching them.
  • Empowering them.
  • Assisting them to learn.
  • Expanding.
  • Growing in all areas of life.

This kind of conscious living empowers you. Do it out of self-interest. Not selfishness, but self-interest.
The more we do this with our kids the more we benefit from the clarity of the values that we live by.

It’s also the law of hard easy versus easy hard.

Being a wise steward is just that, sharing with others to assist them and at the same time reminding ourselves at a higher level.

With that framework in place consider this: what is the difference between a man who abandons his family in the middle of the night, and a man who dies without life insurance?  
Does the family not experience the same economic impact in both scenarios?
Producers understand that not having proper insurance coverage is irresponsible at least, and immoral at the worst. 

We have been given stewardship’s over Human Life Value, our families, our material possessions, and all the people that we have the ability to impact.
Utilizing insurance properly is one of the most important ways that we can fulfill, protect, and increase our stewardship’s.

A person who knowingly does not use insurance protection is an unwise steward, at best.

  • Do you want your family to live the same, better, or worse economic life after you die, get sued and or get disabled?
  • Have you ever known of a widow or widower who felt like they were overpaid by insurance when they lost their spouse?

It is only through insurance that we can ensure that our stewardship’s will be taken care of if we lose any level of ability to provide for them.
If for no others reason, love insurance because you love your family, and you want to ensure that they are always provided for despite any catastrophe.

See yourself as the #1 Asset™.

Take actions that support that. Actions that empower you to create and exchange at even higher levels that ever before.
Create and share.
Create and share.
This fulfills you and it creates the most for all those around you. Be that wise steward you were born to be.
The world wants more of this.