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On the way to the office this morning I was reminded of Newton’s first law of motion.

“Every object persists in its state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line unless it is compelled to change that state by forces impressed on it.” – Sir Isaac Newton

Stopped at a light, a brand-new water-heater sat in an opened box, laying on its side in a contractor’s truck.

The light turned green and the contractor pulled past the intersection not knowing that his, yet to be installed, water-heater was obeying newtons law.

As he accelerated forward, the water-heater slid out of its box crashing to the road below and then rolled into oncoming rush hour traffic.

Luckily, traffic was able to avoid the rogue water heater without further incident.

But the contractor had a mess to clean up.

It took him a lot more time and energy to clean up the mishap than it would to simply have strapped the load into the truck.

We are all susceptible to hurried actions caused by volatile markets.
But it’s the deliberate knowledge that you are your #1 Asset that secures your success and guarantees that you will reach your goal.

Your #1 Investment, IE the “water heater” in this story, is your own business or career.  You as the #1 Asset are the safety that keeps the investment moving forward.

No one can safely compel movement in your business besides you.
No one can direct change, speed up progress, nor keep your #1 investment for you.

If you look outside of yourself to fulfill your dreams, your #1 investment will inevitably fall to the ground.  Don’t be surprised if those around you discover the fall well before you recognize it happening.

Learn to leverage yourself as your #1 Asset.
Focus and direct your energy into your business and/or career.
There is no greater formula for success or increase.

  • You are your #1 Asset
  • Your business/career is your #1 Investment
  • Your #1 Strategy is having cash in a Vault™ where it is guaranteed, protected, and liquid.