Ep 011

In this week’s episode of Warrior Wealth, Garrett has you consider that when it comes to your business ventures, not everyone you talk to should be involved in the conversation of what you’re selling – that everyone is not a fit for the product, service or experience you are offering to the marketplace.
  • Reserve the Right to Refuse Service

    • Our ability to take a message forward to the marketplace demands and commands that you and I understand that not all products, services and experiences that we have to offer the marketplace are meant for every single person who may come in contact with that message.
    • In my world, the single greatest move that we made in business is that we figured out who were the 98% of the marketplace that we didn’t want shit to do with. In fact, we send individuals to our competitors on purpose because they’re just the kind of assholes we don’t want here.
  • Who Is Your Ideal Client?

    • Inside of our willingness to say no, we actually produce an opportunity for us to figure out who to say yes to. It’s not just our saying no that’s crucial, it’s the ‘who do we say yes to’ game. In order to say yes, it requires us to know that client – to know who we are actually speaking to. It requires us to passionatelystudy the individuals we are saying yes to.
    • It takes time, it takes commitment and it takes focus to recognize that the only way you can truly say yes or no is to absolutely know the individual that you are reaching out to. Ask yourself: What do I need to know about this person? Do I know about their pain and understand what it is they are going through?
  • Speak to Their Pain

    • You must figure out how to describe your ideal client’s problem in a way that makes the biggest difference in and creates the biggest distinction between “here’s who we are and here’s who everybody else is.” The Problem Process is linked to a pain that no one is talking about.
    • If you can speak to the painful consequences outside of the primary problem, realizing that inside the intertwined games of Body, Being, Balance and Business one area cascades over and effects every other area of their life, you have some serious opportunity to gain leverage on that customer as a potential prospect and buyer inside of your process.
  • Do You Give A Shit?

    • The long term success of being inside the Business Game is to actually be in love with the space that you take a stand in. If you don’t, more often than not you will find yourself uninspired to take the action necessary to not only say no to people, but being able to say yes to the right people and commit to building a business that actually matters – one that brings Purpose.
    • If you believe in your product and service, and if you believe in what you do, then you are obligated to do everything in your power to market that at the highest level you possibly can and to service the highest number of people that you possibly can. The End.
  • You Must Be In Alignment

    • The packaging and positioning of where you are in the marketplace ultimately drives the kind of people who are attracted to you. The products, services and experiences inside of my businesses are created for a specific type of person. Our marketing and price points reflect that, making perfect sense to the person it’s designed to attract, while weeding out those for whom it is not a fit for.
    • You must take a stand for who you are, who you represent and who you are going to serve. The moment that your positioning is out of alignment with the people, the problem and the process that you’re serving and creating – that is when chaos begins.
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“This is an emotional game. There’s this piece inside of everyone that doesn’t not like to say no. We also don’t like to say no to someone who is showing or demonstrating that they are interested in what we’re providing, yet this is exactly the behavior that will guarantee and affirm failure for you or I inside the game of production: when we allow everyone to think they are a prospect; that everyone we discuss the message with is ultimately someone who should buy. Some of the worst transactions you will ever make as a businessman, is taking money from people who are not a fit for what you do.”day.” – Garrett J White