Your Property, Productivity, and Prosperity are compromised if you don’t take this one step to prove your economic value.

During my years in college, I took a business accounting class where I was taught the philosophy of “pay to the pain.”

Pay to the pain?

I was taught that a prudent business owner should pay just enough to where it is too painful for employees, vendors, and suppliers to leave for other opportunities.

Keep them just barely willing to put up with the pain of working with you.

Paying any more than the minimum would be “excessive waste”.

Yet we want to sell our services and products for the highest possible intake.

Dollars follow value created.

We create value in the marketplace and expect high returns.

Yet we are arrogantly taught to give as little as possible to those who create value for us.

Utter rubbish!

This is cancer to the mind!

This thought leads to destruction.

Not only in business, but it feeds into the most powerful and influential relationship in our lives.
Our spouse or significant other.

There is a social fable called Johnny Lingo that illustrates the principle perfectly.

Set in the Polynesian islands, there is a shrewd trader named Johnny Lingo.
He is wealthy and very successful.
Women from every island are vying for his attention and hoping he will wed them.  Even the married women are willing to leave their husbands for a chance to be with Johnny.
Johnny, on the other hand, is most interested in a poor woman named Mahana from his home island.
As was the custom, the bridegroom would pay a tribute to the father of a bride in order to have her hand in marriage.  Cows were of great value on the island and a good “wife” could cost three or four cows. The most anyone had ever paid was five cows.
The locals said, because Mahana was unruly, ugly, and unwanted, Johnny could have her for a three-legged cow that gave sour milk.  And because her father was a drunk, he should be happy with that.
Well, as the story goes, Johnny showed up to negotiation with eight cows.
Everyone thought he has lost his mind.  Mahana thought he was mocking her and climbs a tree to hide.
But Johnny asks the people how a bride feels when a bridegroom barters for the cheapest price he can obtain her hand.
“NOT enough for Mahana” Johnny commands.  “Forever… it will be remembered that Johnny Lingo paid eight cows for Mahana.”
Over time, all that Johnny saw in Mahana came to be.  The most beautiful woman on all of the island.  Kind, supportive, genuine.  Together they find success beyond anything achievable by either one alone.
– paraphrased from 8 Cow Wife, by Patricia McGerr, 1965.
What a stark difference to “pay to the pain” thinking.

Seldom, if ever, in society are we shown the economic value of our spouse.

Monetarily, Wall Street tells us to invest as little as possible in our spouse.
At best, a term insurance policy to cover their funeral and burial expenses.

How morbid is that?
Let them die and take away the burden so you can invest as much as possible into the business of someone who you neither know nor care about.

To me, this is a red flag!
Socialistic Anti-Entrepreneur Propaganda!
(IE: Bull SHIT!)

How would it make your spouse feel if you said,
Well, at lease when you die, I’ll be able to put you in the ground.

Is this what you want?

The truth is the King must eat first, or the kingdom will fall.

But you might be surprised to learn that a life insurance company values the economic value of a spouse from 50% – 75% of the primary earner’s death benefit.

!! 50% – 75% !!

That’s right, if the king’s spouse does not eat as well, the kingdom will collapse to its knees and the walls will tremble and buckle with lack of production.

What will it do in your relationship when your spouse sees that YOU value them and their influence on your ability to produce at a high level?


  1. Your vault
  2. Your spouse’s vault

When both vaults are in place; secure, liquid, and protected, then there is undeniable and verifiable proof that your spouse is an “eight cow” spouse.

When you prove your spouse’s economic value, they will inevitably expand to fill their role as co-creator in the kingdom.  Not only in your relationship, but also in your #1 Investment, your career or business.