There is a massive amount of uncertainty in our World today.
Inflation at record levels.

Oil and gas prices.
Feds just raised interest rates.
Housing prices.
Russia and Ukraine.
Yes, and still Covid uncertainty.
Wall Street.
Government control.

The risks of gambling are massive.
Okay, big deep breath. Possibly one or two more.

What we can control. What we cannot control.

One more time, big deep breath.

It’s important to recognize that it’s a need for you and I to have uncertainty in our lives.
Yes, a basic human need.

In fact, there are 4 basic human needs.


Knowing then that Uncertainty is a basic need. Uncertainty being that of you taking risk. Having some variety in our lives.
We crave this. It’s a need to fulfill us.
Today I would have you look at this in your life and gain some clarity on where you are getting this fulfilled in your life.

Are you aware of this?
Are you deliberate about it in your life?

I am encouraging each of you reading this to focus more on what you can control vs what you cannot.
Being aware vs focusing on something are two different things.

We can control the areas that we take uncertainty. Be clear about this.
Remember this a basic need that we will find and create in our lives.

Take risk, uncertainty, variety in an area that you control. In an area that you have knowledge and expertise.
This is in your career and in your business/businesses. And or in any other area that you have knowledge, expertise, and control in.

If you do not, it is called gambling. Gambling is a zero-sum game. Win/Lose.
The risks of gambling are massive.
With all the uncertainty in the world today out of our control.

This weekend I challenge each of you to reevaluate the areas you control. The areas you have expertise, knowledge, and control.

This is the area we focus on. These are the areas that deserve our attention. Our time. Our precious mental capital.

You are the #1 Asset.
Your business/career is you #1 Investment.
And yes, the safest place to save our cash outside our control is The Vault. Overfunded Whole Life Insurance.

Focus more on what you can control vs what you cannot. I will do the same.