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You’ve undoubtedly heard Michael’s story about the plane crash that killed two of his business partners and their pilot.

Here is the untold version from a man who almost erased himself from history.  Plus, at the bottom is a link to a gift I would like to mail to you.

There I was, a lost and forgotten man. Trying to survive mentally and physically.

You see, three of my friends had just died when our company plane crashed into Utah Lake, and I was the one who had taken them to the airport. The thing is, at the time I was feeling like it was my fault, like I had killed 3 men.

I’m Jim Speth. I work behind the scenes here at Vault AIS.

At that time, the big problem was that I didn’t have the financial means to take time to adequately heal from the loss. That meant I allowed everything in my life to turn toxic. Over the next few years, I let everything go, I even got a divorce and filed bankruptcy.

I clearly remember the day I took my 12-gauge shotgun to my mother’s house and asked her to keep it for me.  I had already tasted the metallic barrel opening and couldn’t even trust what I might do with my own toxic thoughts.

Then almost 7 years later, quite by chance, an old friend invited me to lunch.
That friend was Michael Isom.  He had endured similar, desperate times and had clawed his way back out of the pit and found prosperity again in his life.

I started patterning his successful climb back to abundance, it was all about living deliberately!

It became obvious to me that I needed to get clear about what I wanted because I saw I could climb out of the pit of loss and find abundance mentally and physically.

My plan was to start building space for my production.

So every evening, I stated the three best things that happened during the day. When my kids were with me, we each took turns telling three favorites from the day. It has become a Speth tradition. But I didn’t stop there.
I then picked the top producer in my network and focused my energy on working with him as often as possible. The choice was easy, Michael G Isom.  I have worked with Michael as an employee, friend, and/or learned from him as my main mentor for over 14 years.
After that, I took the first 20% of everything I made and put it into a Vault so I would always have the ability and time to recover from any loss.

What I didn’t fully realize was that the simplicity of building my Vault would free-up time and, more importantly, that time would be used to build.

How? Because I have time that isn’t tied to worry.

I live deliberately.

Here at the office, we have 9 values that we all live by.  #5 is “We choose to be happy, have a positive focus, and avoid getting stuck in the Gap”. Building on that success, I decided to hang a reminder on my office wall.

I call it the “Vault AIS Values poster”.

With the poster, I now check my actions with a set of proven values to make sure every move I make is made on purpose.  It’s the same thing we ask each of our clients to do.