You’ve undoubtedly heard Michael’s story about the plane crash that killed two of his business partners and their pilot.

Here is the untold version from a man who almost erased himself from history.  Plus, at the bottom is a link to a gift I would like to mail to you.

There I was, a lost and forgotten man. Trying to survive mentally and physically.

You see, three of my friends had just died when our company plane crashed into Utah Lake, and I was the one who had taken them to the airport. The thing is, at the time I was feeling like it was my fault, like I had killed 3 men.

I’m Jim Speth. I work behind the scenes here at Vault AIS.

At that time, the big problem was that I didn’t have the financial means to take time to adequately heal from the loss. That meant I allowed everything in my life to turn toxic. Over the next few years, I let everything go, I even got a divorce and filed bankruptcy.

I clearly remember the day I took my 12-gauge shotgun to my mother’s house and asked her to keep it for me.  I had already tasted the metallic barrel opening and couldn’t even trust what I might do with my own toxic thoughts.

Then almost 7 years later, quite by chance, an old friend invited me to lunch.
That friend was Michael Isom.  He had endured similar, desperate times and had clawed his way back out of the pit and found prosperity again in his life.

I started patterning his successful climb back to abundance, it was all about living deliberately!

It became obvious to me that I needed to get clear about what I wanted because I saw I could climb out of the pit of loss and find abundance mentally and physically.

My plan was to start building space for my production.

So every evening, I stated the three best things that happened during the day. When my kids were with me, we each took turns telling three favorites from the day. It has become a Speth tradition. But I didn’t stop there.
I then picked the top producer in my network and focused my energy on working with him as often as possible. The choice was easy, Michael G Isom.  I have worked with Michael as an employee, friend, and/or learned from him as my main mentor for over 14 years.
After that, I took the first 20% of everything I made and put it into a Vault so I would always have the ability and time to recover from any loss.

What I didn’t fully realize was that the simplicity of building my Vault would free-up time and, more importantly, that time would be used to build.

How? Because I have time that isn’t tied to worry.

I live deliberately.

Here at the office, we have 9 values that we all live by.  #5 is “We choose to be happy, have a positive focus, and avoid getting stuck in the Gap”. Building on that success, I decided to hang a reminder on my office wall.

I call it the “Vault AIS Values poster”.

With the poster, I now check my actions with a set of proven values to make sure every move I make is made on purpose.  It’s the same thing we ask each of our clients to do.

Would you like a free copy of the Vault AIS Values?

For the next week, (until the moment I send the next weekly email on Thursday) I will personally mail you a copy, ready to frame and remind you of the deliberate power behind your VAULT.  All I ask is that you tell me a little about your story by filling out the following questions.

  • Deal with the Scarcity Virus to Build Empires and Kingdoms

    • Building successful businesses comes about by seeing yourself that generates power, but it will not deliver up lasting results if you try to find the power outside of yourself, giving yourself permission to make, save and protect money.
    • The Scarcity Virus is this belief that there’s only a certain amount of things in your life, and when it comes to money as something that you never feel like you have inside of or around you, you will never see a world of prosperity, which was broken down in Robert Kiyosaki’s book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad for Garrett that the greatest risk to his wealth was his psychology.
  • Exposed to Prosperity Instead of Scarcity

    • Garrett’s wife was raised in prosperity and exposed him to a whole new life that he had never known existed, seeing that abundance was a mindset.
    • Your psychology is linked up to your capacity, and your ability to do is driven by your capacity and your power that you have as an idea of being a powerful creator to produce more to become more.
  • Uncomfortable Having More Money

    • When it came to investing, I learned that once I began making money after reading the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad I found that I didn’t know how to handle money once I’ve made it, even though I was at one point the largest trainer of Robert Kiyosaki’s CashFlow events in the Western United States.
    • After a poor investment of $600K, it wasn’t until my recovery years after losing even larger amounts of money, I learned an invaluable lesson of build, loss and rebuild.
  • Money is a Belief System

    • We all approach money from the belief system of abundance or scarcity, but once we see it as a game, we’ll be able to solve more problems for more people more frequently and remain in a state of abundance.
    • The ironic thing is that some are extremely uncomfortable with having large amounts of cash sitting inside of their bank accounts, choosing to rather live in scarcity because it was a familiar place to be.
  • The King’s Cash

    • There are different kinds of profit:
      • 1) The Kingdom Cash: Gross Revenue within Business
      • 2) The King’s Cash: Take Home Money
    • Selling more does not equal more money and profit. There’s a fundamental flaw in which businessmen believe that they keep what’s left over after paying all of the other expenses. We look at money differently that’s sitting inside of our kingdom and the money sitting in our personal King’s account.
  • Wake Up to the True Power of Knowing Your Numbers

    • The behaviors and patterns I established when I was a kid as a ‘blow it spender’ where I was blowing my paper route earnings on ice cream each week, came back to haunt me later in life. How I played out that bowl of ice cream is how I operated within my businesses for years.
    • For my first 10 years as an entrepreneur, I didn’t track shit. My books consisted of a year’s worth of bank statements thrown into a box that I handed over to my accountant at the end of the year and said: figure it out. I was in the game of producing and spending, while dreading that once a year “day of announcement” when I would find out how much I owed in taxes – money I had already spent.
  • Know Your Numbers and You Accelerate a Level of Protection Within Your Kingdom

    • One of the most powerful and fundamental ways to protect yourself inside of the game of building wealth is to know your numbers. If you don’t know your numbers, you are making predictions into the future driven on fiction. If you don’t know your numbers, you are exposing your business, your future, and your family to famine, because famine is the outcome of building your empire in fantasy.
    • By not having your finger on the pulse called your numbers, you are the single biggest risk factor to your businesses and to your wealth. For years I was caught up in the cycle of build and burn, build and lose. Only when I began giving a shit about protecting what I had built, did that cycle stop.
  • Profitability Linked to Value Created

    • Dollars follow value, and your value is the ability for you to solve problems for people. If you want to deliver more value, you have to solve more problems more efficiently for more people. The end. It is not rocket science.
    • People need simplicity. Speak to them in real talk terms around problems and painful consequences and pleasurable possibilities. Present many case studies that demonstrate how to go from pain to possibility. Results are inarguable.