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Part 2 of 2

The secret to truly living is below.

Remember the story from yesterday’s email?

That experience is what it sometimes takes for me to wake-up and expand in my life.

Expansion looks differently for each one of us.

The question is:
Do you want to expand?
Are you sold on expanding every area of your life?

Yesterday I talked about my experience at “Wake Up Warrior”.

Waking a man or woman up as to the reality of “what is”.

The reality of what is most important in YOUR life.

In my opinion, this is the most powerful experience you can have to discover your potential here on this earth.

Bold statement I know.
But I also know that if you are not deliberate and motivated to grow personally, you will never have the power to secure your Vaults with the AIS Triangle™!

So why do I care about you having power?
Because anything that robs you of power qualifies as a sedation!

Sedation is a huge danger if your life.

Look for answers outside of ourselves
Do stupid shit
Sedate more…

This leads to a significant drop in your quality of life.
The destruction of truly living.
Yes, this is about life or death.

So what does this have to do with Wall Street?


When a person invests money in Wall Street, what is really going on?
How does it show up in other areas of their lives?

First, as a reminder, what is the most effective financial model a person can follow today?

The AIS Triangle™

When we “Wake Up” to the reality that we are the “problem” and also the “solution”, we immediately recognize that we are the #1 Asset in our lives.

We also now know that our business and or career has been and will be our #1 Investment.

When we see ourselves as the #1 Asset and our business as the #1 Investment we seek more expansion in ourselves and in our business.

We do the things that build personal power.
Power to create, grow, and ultimately expand in every area of your life.

Doing this fulfills you and creates the most for those around you.
When you invest in Wall Street you are Sedating.

You are saying that Wall Street is the answer versus YOU being the answer.
What are Stocks and Mutual funds?


When you invest in anything having to do with Wall Street, you are
Investing in other people’s companies, not your own!

What message does this send?

What happens to your ability to live?

To be fulfilled.

Investing in Wall Street is a massive form of sedation.

It squashes our belief in ourselves.

It crushes our ability to create, to grow, and expand.

Wall Street sedation is no different than taking an illegal drug.
A short-term outside high that removes us from reality.

At a root level having money in Wall Street is no different than any other form of sedation.

With your Vault, you stay healthy and attached to reality.
You are driven to expand and live a life of purpose.

Knowing that expansion in our personal lives and our business lives creates the most for us and for all those we come in contact with.

Want the most out of life?

Invest in yourself more than ever before.

Then take that gain and utilize that to build more than ever before in your business/career.

Want to live again?

Learn, live, and lead The AIS Triangle in your life.

In Prosperity,
Michael G Isom
CEO of Vault AIS™
Creator of The AIS Triangle™