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“Avoid Tabemono like the plague.”

Do we really avoid debt like the plague?

What if I said to you avoid Tabemono like the plague.

What would your next question be if I ask you that?

“Avoid Tabemono like the plague?”

Wouldn’t you want to know what  Tabemono means?

Well, in Japanese, Tabemono (食べ物) means food.

Do we want to avoid food like the plague?

No, of course not.

Does that mean we want to avoid debt like the plague?

Maybe, maybe not.

Having more debt could be good or having less debt could be good?

I don’t know, it depends, right?

It depends.

It depends on many factors:

  • how you’re leveraging it
  • if you have unproductive debt
  • if you have productive debt


What is unproductive debt and what might we want to avoid when it comes to debt?

Would we ever borrow for consumptive type purposes?

How and what would that do to us in our life if we borrowed to consume, versus if we borrowed to produce?

Are you starting to see this?
I’m not an expert in debt management,
what I’m an expert in is leveraging and utilizing debt for productive purposes.

Wouldn’t it make sense for you and I to understand what debt means to us?

Not to somebody else, but to us and how we can leverage and utilize that and how we could actually produce or be more productive about it in our own lives?

What I want to get across to you is that, if you’re avoiding debt like the plague, you may be avoiding Tabemono, which is the food.

You may be avoiding things in your life that gives you power.

Is your debt giving you power or is it a leak, an energy leak in your life?

What do the wealthy do?

What do the wealthy do with their money?

Well, they:

  • understand interest
  • pay themselves their interest
  • keep their cash guaranteed
  • keep their cash protected in a Vault
  • keep their cash liquid
  • earn interest, versus pay it, on all future money decisions

Just like we’re teaching you to do in your Vaults, put your money in an area and use it strategically for future money decisions that you’re going to make anyway.

The difference is, you’re creating your own personal banking system!

That’s right, there is a way for you to turn your vault into a personal banking system!

You can earn interest, versus pay it, on all your future money decisions.

Understand what the wealthy do, understand how you can leverage and utilize debt to be productive in your life today.