Wealth Process

Seeing the Unseen – Phase 1

The phase of “Seeing the Unseen” will allow you to have a macro-economic view of your entire plan. You will begin to see what is truly possible with what you have going on financially.

  • Human Life Value
  • Security of Maximization
  • Transferring Risk vs. Retaining Risk
  • Economic Value of Certainty
  • More Wealth & Benefits

The Discovery – Phase 2

What is possible with current assets and invested dollars.

  • Creation of more wealth with existing cash flow and assets.
  • 9 Characteristic of an Ideal Financial Plan
  • Future Value – Truth Concepts calculator
  • Maximum Potential – Truth Concepts calculator
  • Tax savings, high ROR, lower risk
  • Person A vs. Person B – Truth Concepts Distribution calculator
  • Permission Slip – How is it accomplished

Coordination & Integration – Phase 3

Putting the plan into action.

  • Illustration review
  • Implementation
  • Utilization