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You know that feeling when you’re so upset you can’t even think?
What is it like for you when you fight with your spouse over money?
At times it has outright disabled me.
When was the last time you had a disagreement around money with your spouse?
Collided in some way around money?
An argument/fight around money?
Of course you have.
We all have.
  • Why is this?
  • What causes it?
  • What can you do about it?
I for one was not clear.
Any successful business has systems and processes that they follow.
Clarity around sound principlessystems, and processes to eliminate and or drastically reduce frustration.
Creating an environment that fosters massive creation, productivity, happiness, and deep Joy.
These systems and processes are continually updated.
How can we apply this to our marriage-money life?
Is it even possible?
When it comes to personal power.
My ability to create at a high level.
A major contributor to this is my relationship with my spouse, Wendy Lu.
Have you felt this?
Are you clear about this?
Do you consciously leverage it in your life?
Do you want to?
For many reasons, I want to be in sync with Wendy.
This doesn’t mean that we don’t collide on things from time to time.
It does, however, mean that we are clear about what we want.
We continually update our systems and processes around money.
  1. We take the time now to make plans.
  2. We set targets together.
  3. We have a successful spending plan.
  4. We course correct along the way.
Don’t get frustrated, upset, and/or mad.
Get clear.
Are you clear?
Clear about a spending plan for you and your family?
A success plan.
Clear targets.
Clear systems and processes around your money life.
Do you each understand and apply the AIS Triangle™ in your life?
  • #1 Asset
  • #1 Investment
  • #1 Strategy
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Drastically reduce money frustrations and apply that energy towards value creation.
More than you ever have before.
In Prosperity,
Michael G Isom