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We have formed a story in our minds about money and then we continually find the evidence around us to support it.

We don’t get the evidence first; we start with the belief and then we go and get the evidence to support it.

I made significant money selling cell phones at a young age – starting in August 1993, only to have lost it by 1999. Made it again, only to take a substantial hit in 2007 and 2008.

And now, I have made it again.

What is the lesson and what can you learn from it?

Check your “story”, your personal belief in this area and see if it’s what you want it to be.

If it’s not what you want it to be, let’s visit about it, I am happy to assist you with it.

Our story around money is either costing us millions or making us millions,
which is it for you?

What is your current belief around money?

  • Why are so many people broke?
  • How do the wealthy think about money?
  • Is the conversation around money empowering us?
  • Do we have a scarcity or abundant mindset around money?
  • What is your story? What do you want it to be? Are you sure?
  • Are you clear about it? Can you articulate it? Why would you want to?
  • How does this show up in our life today?
  • How do we want it to show up in our life today? Are you sure?

Before a sound strategy, you must have an abundant belief around money for it to empower you and those around you.

The story we tell ourselves is what helps us get what we want. If this is true, all the more reason to be clear about what we are telling ourselves.

We then get to destroy the old belief and create a new one and/or add to our old one.

We may like our story and we want to continue to allow it to empower us. Great!

Whichever one it is, be clear about it and leverage it deliberately in your lives. Acknowledge that it plays a major role in our lives to having wealth or not having wealth.


  • Money is good and worthy of my admiration.
  • Money is a focus of value creation – dollars follow value.
  • If we want more money we must focus on value creation FIRST.
  • Money is a tool, a medium of exchange, a receipt for our services.
  • Money flows to those who understand it and treat it well.
  • Money expands who I really am on a much higher scale.
  • I produce more than I consume, but I also consume a lot.
  • Money is a symbol of human production, applied knowledge, ingenuity, and contribution to society.
  • “A penny saved is a penny earned.” Benjamin Franklin


  • I live an abundant life, there is an abundant amount of opportunity and possibility out there, all around me, right now and always.
  • I am a Producer, a money maker, a value creator. I understand people, they connect with me and I assist them in getting what they want.
  • I have a healthy relationship with money, I understand it, it understands me, I am generous, I am intuitive in how I create it and how I utilize it.
  • I teach others about money and they like it.
  • I am proud of the value that I produce in the marketplace.
  • I know how much money I want to produce and by when.
  • I have a written plan and look at it often.
  • I expect the best – this is who I am and always have been.


  • Money enhances all areas of my life.
  • The moral thing to do is to produce more value in my world utilizing my God given talents and abilities.
  • It improves my environment around me and others.
  • Exchanges create wealth; the division of labor concept. It is much more fulfilling for me and those I exchange with. It is beautiful in its purest form to reward another for their sole purpose.
  • It gives my life more meaning and enhances my spiritual life by sharing with my clients in a way that enhances them, and me, in a deep spiritual way.


  • I have a written plan that Wendy and I support each other on and with.
  • We save a minimum of 30% of all the money we make; we pay ourselves first.
  • I teach our kids about money, wealth creation, saving and investing in themselves.
  • I have expanded the time horizon, when it comes to money and saving it, with sound financial strategies.
  • I maintain control of my money and when I relinquish it I always make sure it is guaranteed, liquid, and protected.
  • I focus on wealth creation and do everything I can to protect my courage and confidence to be able to produce at the highest level I possibly can.
  • I continually increase my education in my area of finance and money.
  • I produce more than I consume.
  • I am efficient with my money and also have high quality of life.
  • I share my life experiences in this area to enhance my clients life while enhancing mine at the same time.


Michael Isom