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  1. They invest in things they can control.
  2. Their plans are simple
  3. They save a % of their money no matter what
  4. Any money they save outside of their control they make sure that it is:
    • Protected
    • Guaranteed
    • Liquid & Available no matter what

The pain that I felt having lost all the money that I did in 2008 was huge.

It affected every area of my life in a major way. I had no business having that money tied up in risky investments.

The cost was far greater than any return
I would have hoped to have realized


That experience, I am now grateful for.

Grateful that I felt it to the depths that I did in order to have created the system that I, myself, and you, now benefit from.

The wealthiest people in our country today did not make their money by investing in the stock market.


The money managers that manage the money on the other hand have make a grundle [grundle being a significant amount]

How does one possibly get ahead when invested in the stock market?

Major companies with their super computers are able to see trades before they happen, buy the stock, and sell it to you and make a spread on it – a system that is rigged against you.

Not to mention, the complexity of most financial plans. So much complexity that it leads a person to not do anything at all.


Over the years I have been able to take this most complex subject and simplify it.

To a point where anyone can do it. Knowing what the wealthy know and breaking it down into a process that allows for you to be in control versus relinquishing control of your money.

My goal with you is to inspire you to continue to dream; to maybe dream for the first time, to create; to create in the areathat you have the most educationin – the most experience in – the most knowledge in.

An are where you are not only excellent in but that you have a passion for; an area that utilizes your soul purpose in creating value for others.

To be successful with your money and eliminate the complexity of the market in your life once and for all
Our unique process will…

  • empower you
  • change your life
  • give you permission to focus on value creation

The wealthiest people think about value creation 1st.

The market pays for value creation, it’s that simple.

Want more money, create value for other.

Not just what you think if valuable, but what others value.

Remember they are paying you for what they think is valuable.
Not necessarily what you think is valuable

Invest in yourself. Always. Increase your Human Life Value by increasing your own personal knowledge. Classroom, association, seminars, coaches, mentors, advisors, and experience. This will all translate into being able to offer more to others.

The Law of Lifetime Growth, by Dan Sullivan

I love that mentality. Constantly growing. Constantly increasing my experience to be able to share with others. It is a win-win. I win by the experience and growth which fulfills me, and you win by exchanging that with me. Love that. Exchange creates wealth.

Start with becoming more valuable yourself.

Take a percentage of what you make and save it.

Have you heard this before?

Are you doing it? What will it take for that to happen? Why would you want to anyway? (more on why in part 2)

View it as a tax. Pay it every pay period just like you would a tax. Save a percentage of your earnings whether you make money or lose money. Create the powerful habit. This is so powerful. Start now if you’re not and teach it now to your kids. Teach it to those around you. If it is important to you and you really want to master it, teach it, share it. Share with others what has empowered you with money and finance. Invite them to visit with me. I’m happy to do it and appreciate your referrals.

Th most valuable piece of advice I have ever been given financially is to save a percentage of my income every time I got paid. How often?


If we don’t we will eat it up. We will feel the scarcity in our life of not having held onto more. That scarcity will eat at us. When it eats at us we feel increased stress and anxiety in our life. When this happens we create less. When we create less we are not as fulfilled and our income goes down.

Want to make more money and help a lot more people get what they want? Save a percentage of your money and leverage the effects of that in your life. It’s huge. I am benefiting from it myself and you can too if you’re not already.

So then where do we save that money?

The only product offered by financial institutions that offers the greatest multiplier of benefits is dividend paying Whole Life insurance structured properly and coordinated with all your other money decisions.

It really is that simple. It is guaranteed. Lossess hurt more than gains help whe compounding money.

When asked that is the number one rule by Warren Buffett, he says don’t lose. When asked what number 2 is, he said same as number 1.

The significane of a loss is huge. Not only the time-value of money, but the mental loss also due to lack of production.

Your greatest asset is yourself. Your ability to produce. Your own area of expertise. Your own business. Protect that courage and confidence to produce at the highest levels by saving your money in an area that is protected, guaranteed, and liquid to utilize back into your life. Then leverage the hell out of that in your life and in the lives of others. Allow it to empower you to create more.

Take a deep breath and know. Leverage that knowing.

If this is not 100% clear to you, the reach out and let’s review it today.

Leveraging this certainty in your lives by knowing versus hoping is huge. It could be costing you millions or it could be making you millions.

Which is it? What do you want it to be?


Michael Isom

Owner of Optic Financial & Creator of the 20/20 Personal Banking System


PS. I value my relationship with you and take it very seriously. I am always honored to connect with and serve your referrals here at Optic Financial.

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