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It’s the single greatest belief each and everyone of us can have.

To live by.
A core belief. One that shapes and effects all other areas of our life.
A belief that when activated in someone abundance is secured and prosperity is a reality.
Prosper and yes, Thrive.
It’s the one fundamental belief that influences all others.

What is this belief?
Let me tell you what it is not. 

  • It’s not being a liability to others around us. To ourselves.
  • It’s not being a victim. Blaming everyone else but ourselves.
  • It’s not dependence upon the government. Wall Street. Your employer. The CDC. Anyone else around you.
  • It’s not waiting until things change around you.
  • It’s not sitting back in fear, doubt and worry.
  • It’s not shrinking away and taking our foot off the gas. Telling ourselves we have arrived. Taking ourselves out of service to our fellow men.
  • It’s not avoidance.
  • It’s not neglect. Ignoring problems sweeping them under the rug.
  • It’s not lying, cheating, or representing that we are something or someone when we are not.

What all then is it? 

  • It’s Authenticity, Abundance, Self-worth.
  • Belief in one’s self.
  • Growth. Prosperity.
  • It is certainty, uncertainty, significance, and love.
  • It is growth and contribution.
  • Accountability.
  • The problem and yes, the solution.
  • It is an asset.
  • It enhances.
  • It is self reliance driven.
  • It’s being proactive.
  • It’s preventative health care.
  • Courage Confidence Clarity.
  • It is Focus and Determination.

What then exactly is this?


YOU, the individual. You are who you have been waiting for.
You are the single greatest line item on your balance sheet. In your portfolio.

Stop for a moment and let that one really sink in.
It’s YOU. It really is.
You are the answer.
You’re the problem and, good news, you are the solution.

You are the #1 Asset.
You always have been and you always will be.

Put your oxygen mask on first before assisting someone else next to you.
You can serve more with this belief in yourself.

  1. Experience more.
  2. Create more.
  3. Do more.
  4. Be more.

And when it comes to money? You are the one that is great at making money but you are shitty at keeping any of that money.
You do not know who to trust.
What to trust.
You have lost money in the past and you don’t know what to do now.

Trust yourself. Educate yourself. Learn.
No one will care more for your money than you.
Think about it. Test it to know for yourself.

You are the #1 Asset.
Your business/Career is your #1 Investment.
And yes, the #1 Strategy
in the market today as to where to save cash that you relinquish control of are in Vaults at the core of your castle.

Financial products that are guaranteed. Protected and yes liquid.
Allowing you to stabilize abundance.
Create more in your area of expertise. Your business and your career.
People are assets things are not.
You are the answer. You always have been.