I start drinking at 5am every day.  Here’s why…

Yesterday I visited my older sister, Anne.

Growing up, we relied on one another.

We laughed, we cried, and we supported each other through
some tough times.

Wendy (my wife) and I had a wonderful time visiting and enjoying time with my sister and her family. This morning, as I sat outside at 5am drinking my morning “Bullet Proof Coffee”, I wrote about this experience.


I plugged it into the formula “What, Why, Lesson, Apply”

A success formula I learned years ago from one of my mentors and friends, Garrett J White.

It’s not a formula used only when something hard happens.

I use it daily to pull life lessons about all the wonderful, abundant things that happen in life.

This morning:

What Happened?  I had a wonderful experience visiting my Sister Anne.

Why is that important? (This question took pages in my journal to answer. Very personal, I cried writing.  It felt really, really good.)

The lesson: Take the Time! It matters and it’s worth it.

How does the lesson apply to life? 


It applies to my #1 Asset.  Myself and my ability to produce! My health physically, spiritually, my relationships… “Take the Time! It matters and it’s worth it.”

It applies to my #1 Investment. My business the thing I know the most about, have the most passion in and work the hardest to expand. “Take the Time! It matters and it’s worth it.”

It applies to my #1 Strategy.  My VAULT.  I take the time to ensure my vault stays Guaranteed, Protected, and Liquid.  I do not guess, and I do not gamble with the cash inside of my Vault!  I review, adjust, and maintain. “Take the Time! It matters and it’s worth it.”

This isn’t meaningless hyperbole!

At Vault AIS™, we live what we teach, and we teach only what works in our personal lives!

I do this pattern every morning at 5am while I drink my
morning coffee!

  • What happened?
  • Why is it important?
  • What lesson can you take from the experience?
  • How can you apply that lesson in other areas of your life?

What, Why, Lesson, Apply; set inside of the game of the AIS Triangle™ works and will continue to work for you.