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At an early age in life, I had a strong desire to produce.
7th grade to be exact. Cycletown Yamaha.

This is where my love for Motorsports came into play.
Imagine a 7th grader being able to ride the bikes around, work on them and just be around them daily. Haha, I loved it.

When I turned 16, I had money saved up to purchase my first auto. I bought a Red Datsun pickup truck. It used to be my dad’s, then my sister drove it for a couple of years, and I bought it from her.

With the truck came Auto insurance. I’m sure I just had the state minimums and a low deductible.
This was my first experience with insurance.

Insurance: the act, system, or business of insuring property, life, one’s person, etc., against loss or harm arising in specified contingencies, as fire, accident, death, disablement, or the like, in consideration of a payment proportionate to the risk involved.

The indemnification of a loss. What would be lost if X occurred?

It is impossible to be over insured.
Think about it. Any insurance company will only insure something for its replacement value. And no more.

My Datsun pickup truck was valued at $3,000 when I was 16. Lol, back in 1987.
If it got totaled, I would want it replaced. And more than that if I was involved in an accident and I was sued I would want to be protected. Liability insurance associated with my auto insurance policy.

If it were someone else’s fault and my losses were more than what they had in coverage I would want my insurance to kick in. UA and UA. Uninsured and Underinsured.

The peace of mind we can obtain by having the proper amounts of insurance in our lives frees us up to produce at higher levels in our area of expertise. #1 Investment.

Producers transfer the risk in the areas that they are not uniquely talented at managing. Transfer the risk versus retain it.

Have higher deductibles allowing us to have lower premiums.
Max out our liability protection over and above our auto and homeowner’s policies with a PLUP. Personal liability umbrella policy. And yes, make sure it has UA and UA.

Are you now seeing how this protection can lead to significantly more production?

We all want it. We just do not want to pay for it.

Do I hope I ever use it? No. But having it not only allows for me to produce at higher levels, but to also enjoy life more. Peace of mind Insurance that we all can leverage in our lives personally and professionally.

We all wonder about the what if’s

  • What if I got in an accident?
  • What if I was sued?
  • What if I became disabled?
  • What if I died at an earlier age in life?

A powerful reason to own life insurance.

We first buy it to replace our income to our family in the event we die at an earlier age. #1 Asset

We also buy it to store cash in it, to use along the way if needed and take an income from during retirement. #1 Strategy

We then want to own permanent whole life insurance during the later years of our life allowing us to spend and enjoy more while at the same time leaving a large chunk behind. Permission slip to spend and enjoy more.

Insurance is a tool, I believe, a tool for each of us to leverage and utilize.

Are you leveraging it and utilizing it in your life to not only create more but to also enjoy more?
Not sure? Ask us how.
We are professionals in this area. Experts.
We all want it.
Get the most from it.
Protection does in fact lead to greater production.