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Refi, Cash-out, and Invest in the Stock Market?

Passing the “Sleep Test” is key to building wealth and it’s only available through the AIS Triangle™.

Look, we’ve all been tempted by the market. With the current interest rates and market posture, speculation has never looked more appealing.

Maybe it is!

I’m not going to tell you NO!

Wait, what???

These TWO questions have been trending across my desk from clients over the past two weeks:

  1. Is now the time to invest in the stock market?
  2. Should I refi & cash-out my current mortgage?

Maybe investing in stocks is good for you.

Maybe refinancing your home is good for you.

But maybe it’s not.

The problem is you have been consistently persuaded to act before you’re given time to think.

You’ve never been given the formula to succeed 100% of the time.
(or without any financial anxiety I might add!)

It’s not your fault, but here’s why that’s failed for you in the past.

Wall Street has no intention of giving unbiased information.
They do not want you to think for yourself and they want you to act without “sleeping on it”.

You’ve been told you will miss out if you don’t act NOW!

The fact is, acting without the sleep test is causing you to miss out on the biggest financial rewards available!

So, it’s your choice, you either give your freedom to the whim of Wall Street, or you own your freedom and make them work for you!

I’ve been in your shoes; I’ve given my cash out in speculation without using the sleep test and I lost over $4Million in just a couple of years!


BUT, I also earned it all back by learning and using what I’m about to teach you in this short 10 min video.

I’m answering the questions;

  • When it’s a good time to invest in the stock market?
  • When it’s a good time to refi your current mortgage?

It’s all right here!

You’re guaranteed to lose massive amounts of your invested dollars to taxes, fees, or down markets if you don’t use this one simple technique.

I have friends who charge thousands of dollars and coach for 6+ months teaching clients what you’re going to learn in this one 10min video.

But it’s not for everyone. As I said, some people love to give their freedom to the hounds of speculation.

And that’s okay, sometimes it’s easier to blame others when things get hard.

If that’s you, no harm – no foul, I wish you luck in your “hope”.

Just remember It only takes a couple of minutes to know 100% if something is a good investment or not!

A couple of minutes to make Wall Street work for you every time!

The difference is freedom and millions of guaranteed, protected, and liquid dollars.


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