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This morning my assistant Lacey texted me about her new baby and protecting him from Whooping Cough.

It reminded me of all of the media coverage about vaccinations and measles outbreaks…

Scary stuff!

On the one hand, we want to trust doctors with our health and our children’s health.

On the other hand, we hear of Big Pharma misleading doctors and being sued over negligence in the opioid crisis.

So, who do you trust?

I would hope you would trust a Doctor who lives by principles and searches for solutions that adhere to high standards.

Any of this sound familiar in the finance world?


Big Banks and Finance manipulating typical financial planners to do their dirty work.

Focusing on big gains for the bank and meager at best results for the rest…

The tested question fits in both areas.

Does it meet the rigorous standards of the AIS Triangle™?

You are your #1 Assets!

Anyone or anything that says otherwise is LYING!

Your #1 Investment has been and always will be your own career and/or business.

Anyone or anything that says otherwise is LYING!

Your #1 Strategy when relinquishing control of your money is to keep it somewhere that is Guaranteed, Protected, and Liquid!

 Anyone or anything that says otherwise is LYING!