Jace grew up in a small farming town, and just like any young American boy, he came home each day with a dirty face, dust-stained eyes, and mending the cuts and bruises from the day’s adventures.  Growing up in western Kansas meant that his adventures came from labor on the family farm.

Years later, in 2005, Jace watched in helpless horror as his family’s farm went bankrupt and generations of family legacy were sold at a bank auction.  For the first time, he discovered the power that banks had over local farms.  At that moment, knowing that big finance propaganda thinking had failed, Jace felt driven to become an entrepreneur and find the truth inside the game of money.

Battered from years of searching for truths as a banker inside the corporate banking machine, his quest for truth and the desire to free Americans from the lies propagated by big financial leaches, led him to discover the truths inside Vault AIS™ and the AIS Triangle.

Now, with his relentless pursuit of “what is true” inside of his body, mind, family, and business, we welcome Jace Young as the newest Wealth Strategist of the Vault AIS™ team.