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I’m not here to answer the question of the origin of life but I am here to answer this:

Is Life Insurance really worth the money?

After all if we are healthy today the odds are we will live till we are 90 years old.
So why buy it?

Life Insurance companies have and continue to be the most profitable financial institutions in the world.

Did you know that 3,500 banks save their tier 1 capital with life insurance companies?

For example:

  • Bank of America has $18.5 billion tucked away.
  • Citibank has $4.5 billion in its own secret accounts.
  • And JP Morgan Chase conceals $9.8 billion in this type of account.

….they would put more in these accounts to if they could. Regulators restrict them from putting more than 25% of their safe tier 1 capital here.

So why then do we keep buying this stuff? Obviously the odds are in their favor.

We have to be healthy to qualify for it and, if we can get it, the odds are we will out live it.

Huge money maker for the life insurance companies.

It’s all based on actuarial science.

Actuaries price these policies, develop these products.
Underwriters qualify us for them and agents sell them to us.

So if it’s such a money maker for the life insurance companies how is it a good thing for us?

Is it?

We could always self insure.
Not buy it and roll the dice.
Odds are in our favor for sure that we will live a long life.
It’s not a law that we have to have it.

Consider this then:

  • We buy it to transfer whatever risk it is to them to manage for us. Better them managing it for us versus us managing it.
  • We can either rent it or buy it. Meaning term insurance renting it or permanent insurance, whole life to own it for our entire life.
  • When we transfer the risk it frees us up mentally to create more in the areas that we are most uniquely talented to create in.
  • Life insurance purchased with this mindset creates more production in our lives.
  • More value for those we create for.
  • More value equals deeper enriching experiences in life.
  • With our family, friends and clients.
  • More dollars that are exchanged for the value we provide for our clients.
  • Protection then does lead to production.
  • When we produce more, we are fulfilled in a deeper way.
  • We create more, we grow more and expand more.

One of the most fulfilling things we can experience as a business owner is continual growth and expansion.

Yes buying life insurance properly structured with all our other money decisions creates an environment conducive to enhanced growth and expansion.

If this is true wouldn’t you want more of that in your life?

The wealthy most successful business owners buy life insurance during their accumulation years to replace theirĀ  income if the what if occurs.

Yes it’s a sign of love and stewardship to their family that they provide for. Their dreams and goals are the same for their family whether they are here or not.

The wealthy also buy permanent whole life insurance structured properly to utilize in their estate plan as asset insurance during their distribution years of their lives.

Owning permanent whole life insurance during the later years of life make all of your other assets worth more.

Spend and enjoy every dollar you saved and at the same time leave it all behind.

The Rockefeller way of planning.

When this is your reality you live a more purposeful life today ensuring future generations to be sure money is a blessing not a curse in their lives.

And when we live this way we ourselves experience more.

Consider this as an example.

You have all this set up and engineered properly. Your married with kids.

You spend so much time teaching your kids about life.

  • Being a productive citizen
  • Morals
  • Values
  • Integrity
  • Compassion
  • Courage
  • Confidence
  • Expansion
  • Growth and on and on and on.

As we are deliberate about sharing and teaching this, we ourselves benefit the most. We are continually reminding ourselves and in so doing we live it more.

It really is a beautiful way to live.

Not only will we pass on our Human life value assets, but we will also pass on property value assets.

A legacy in our names to live on for generations.

The alternative is that we don’t buy it or we rent it and let it run out and live in scarcity our whole lives.

Scarcity at its deepest level.

Living life out of the greatest fear, the fear of running out of money.

Fear of market risk effecting our entire life savings.

Fear that limits our production.

Fear that leaves of disconnected from our loved ones.

Disconnected from our clients, our patients, and those that we are blessed to come in contact with.

  • Don’t live in fear.
  • Stabilize abundance today.
  • Buy life insurance to grow and expand.
  • Buy life insurance to experience all that life has to offer.

And by so doing you will be able to connect at a deeper level than ever before in all areas of life.

OK, how was that?

I just spent the weekend with my family out of town.
Connecting and sharing.

And on the flight home I felt inspired to write this.

This is all possible in your life.

If this is not part of your life and you want it to be, contact my personal assistant, Lacey Martin, today and schedule a time with me to review.


Michael Isom

PS we didn’t even talk about the cash value of a properly structured whole life policy in a financial plan. Banking and or it replacing the destructive plans out there today invested in wall street. Can you even imagine having your life savings in the market today. A total roller coaster ride. How does one plan for anything in the future when it’s so volatile like that?