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WTF is going on in “Wall Street”?!?!

Well, interestingly enough I don’t follow the exact numbers on a daily basis, so I had to Google it…

The stock market… it’s going down…
Bordering what they call Correction Territory…

Blaming it on the scary-sounding “COVID-19” virus / epidemic / pandemic / other scary words…

Really, I see the importance and power of the stock market.
But I give that market ZERO power to impact my emotions.

Here is the BIG red flag,
If the mood of your day is defined by the numbers of the stock market, you are gambling financially, and we need to talk SOON.

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And look, I get it, MONEY and FINANCE play a HUGE role in our lives.

It’s has been cited as a significant reason for divorce and even suicide.

That sounds extreme, right…?
Maybe, maybe not.

So how is it that I can claim that this does not impact me emotionally?

Because I live by the AIS Triangle™!

I am my #1 Asset, there is no one else in my life who can use my knowledge, experience, purpose, or passion to create more than I can.

My business/career is my #1 Investment!  Not a stock, not a bond, not a car, and not magic.

My investments of hard work, capital, and energy belong only to my business/career.

When it does come time for me to relinquish control of any of my cash, I keep it somewhere that is guaranteed, I keep it somewhere protected, and I always keep it liquid.

That’s a strategy I can live with!

Period, end of story…

Because I have no primary knowledge of the stock market, I do not keep any cash there.

That would be a direct violation of seeing myself as the #1 asset.

My own business/career has been and always will be my best investment.  Simply put, if I had cash in the market, it would be a total, out of control gamble.

I would be saying that someone else’s business/career was more valuable to me than my own.

And that thought would be depressing as HELL!

So, although the stock market has its place in building capital and valuating large businesses, it has no place in my portfolio.

  • It is NOT guaranteed.
  • It is NOT protected.
  • And certainly, it is NOT liquid.

When my money is guaranteed, protected, and liquid, I have nothing to fear.
I am in essence protected from the volatile market.


Freedom financially,
Freedom emotionally,
Freedom to live and to play…

But most importantly, it gives me the freedom to create at my highest, most efficient capacity!
In Prosperity,
Michael G Isom