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2017 Mint 400

Life is a race.

Every starting line unique.
Every finish unknown.

Who are you racing with?

Yes, it’s true and I could not be more excited.

I built another off road race car.

This time, one of you, a trusted client of mine will be in the car with me for each of the upcoming races.

This 1st race Dr. Michael Buffington from Dallas, TX joined me.

8hrs, over 330 miles not stop, 4 flat tires along the way, in fact, we raced on 1 rear flat for 23 miles just to make it back to a pit for a new one.

The level of planning and execution to pull this off was massive.

  • 3 different pit crews
  • The design and build of the machine
  • Testing-Tuning
  • Prep work lock tightening each and every nut and bolt
  • Test and tune again
  • Hired a crew chief
  • Tech inspection the day prior to the race
  • Racers meeting
  • Sponsors

Not to mention the mental aspect preparing my mind and my body months and years in advance to not only take this on but to thrive in the process.
We did it. We not only finished, which more than half did not. We made it in the top 10 overall in our class. The Pro Turbo UTV class. 52 entries in our class and we took 9th.
The experience has and will continue to be leveraged in my life.
All the preparation and planning that went into this race has spilled over into all the other areas of my life.
Focus and Determination at a high level.
I am clear that when I am fulfilled at high levels personally I have more to offer to those around me.
It truly is the most beautiful win/win that I know of.


In prosperity
Michael G Isom