I distinctly remember middle school 
and early high school years
being frustrating as hell; 

I was confused as to where I fit in and had such low self-confidence.

You see I had a “story” about my physical body.
I was “skinny” and I would tell myself that was not a good thing. Others then validated that for me.

It hurt, deep. 

I was picked on by certain boys, wanting to fight me.

Yes, that was my truth as a young man.

This truth for me kept me from so many things.

  • Group sports.
  • Dating, let alone approaching girls I thought were cute.
  • This also spilled over to my academic studies.

It wasn’t until I started changing my story about my physical body that I then started to change my actions.

Actions that included, working out and personal disciplines educating me on a healthy self-image. Ya, that was a tough one during the ages of 11-16.

Changing your story = changing “what is” around us.

Today I meet so many couples confusedfrustrated, with a very low self-confidence.

spills over in a massive way to our personal finances.

The words I leverage today to describe all of this are

Power within to create, to grow, and to expand in every area of our life.
Including our personal finances. 

With that said, what are you doing or not doing to create personal power in your life?

Do you see how this would assist you in your personal financial life?

Commitment to a core set of principles that govern your financial life.

Power and Commitment to:

  1. Live off of at most 80% of what you make. Saving 20%.
    (Yes, teach this to your kids. No one else is.)
    No one is coming to save you.
  2. Maximize your protection.
    Transferring the risks that you’re not uniquely talented to cover, in turn freeing you up to produce even more in your area of expertise.Protection does then equal Production. 
  3. You are the problem and you are the solution.You are the #1 Asset.Yes, you.
    Educate yourself.Increase your Human Life Value leveraging your HLV assets to exchange in the marketplace creating more PV.

    Property value.
    People are assets things are not. Treat others around you as such.

  4. Think about what has put the most amount of cash in your pocket?The area where you have the most amount of knowledge,
    HLV, where you maintain control versus relinquish control.Your own Business/Career.
    This is your #1 Investment.Leverage this more. Create more in this area first.
    MarketingSalesSystems, and Leadership.
  5. Did you know that in November of 2017 Apple reported over $260 Billionin cash reserves?Haha yep, that’s right. $260 B. Billion. Wallopbam! And, at that time they were valued at over $600B.Why so much cash?Cash is King
    Held true years ago, holds true to this day. When it comes to relinquishing control of our cash, keep it in a “Vault”.

    This is the #1 Strategy in the market today.

    Keeping our cash guaranteedprotected and liquid.

    Protecting our ability to produce at the highest levels. Liquid in a proprietary way using our cash for future money decisions that we will make anyway.

    Paying us the interest
    vs a bank.

    This creates a very high ROR. Rate of return.

Test these top 5 items above.

Find out.

I’ve found this to create the most power and the most confidence to live a full meaningful purpose driven life, not only for myself but for all those I come in contact with.

Want more of this in your life?
Want to share this with others you care about?

This is why I created The AIS Triangle™. For you to experience more Power and more Courage and Confidence in every area of your life.

This is why I am so passionate about running Vault AIS™ in every state here in the USA.

Vault AIS™ empowers individuals and their families to creategrow, and expand in every area of their lives, in a greater way than anything else in the market today.

Yes, it does start and end with you.


In Prosperity,
Michael G Isom
CEO of Vault AIS
Creator of The AIS Triangle

Thank you for trusting me with this most important part of your life.
We appreciate and celebrate your part in this financial movement.